Tom Bui

Vigilance by design
Protecting the company’s platforms and services, and securing the Boeing global enterprise are high priorities.

Q&A with Tom Bui, a Boeing Senior Technical Fellow and enterprise leader for Boeing’s cybersecurity technology domain.

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The information opportunity
Immersed in a world of math and computation, the intrigue of artificial intelligence sparked an ongoing pursuit of better data analysis.

Fly like a pro
Boeing subsidiary Insitu adapts military-grade software to be used for professional, safe and effective commercial UAV operations.

Under and across the oceans
The next generation of unmanned undersea vehicles is autonomous, extra-large and long-range.

    Technical Articles

    IQ’s content includes articles written by Boeing technical experts, including scholarly papers from the Boeing Technical Journal, a peer-reviewed periodical. While the expansive BTJ archive remains exclusive to Boeing employees, IQ offers selected articles to all readers; these articles are indicated with a “BTJ” heading.

    BTJ: On-Demand Waveform Design for Radio Applications

    BTJ: On-Demand Waveform Design for Radio Applications

    The growth in demand for wireless communications has created an urgent need to use as much of the increasingly scarce available radio frequency bandwidth as possible.

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    BTJ: Air Traffic Management Radio Frequency Margin Analysis

    BTJ: Air Traffic Management Radio Frequency Margin Analysis

    U.S. air traffic growth has raised concerns about additional radio frequency near international airports. This analysis explores 1090 MHz congestion margins at U.S. locations where Boeing operates.

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    Unique requirements for safeguarding aircraft

    Unique requirements for safeguarding aircraft

    Cyber-physical systems are ones that integrate physical components through computation and networking, and they present unique challenges and opportunities for cyber defense.

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    Customer-centered data analytics in Vancouver, Canada

    Customer-centered data analytics in Vancouver, Canada

    Harvesting data is only the beginning of integrated operational problem-solving for complex organizations.

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    Patent Spotlight

    Patent Spotlight

    Here’s a look at a few of Boeing’s many latest ideas and technical breakthroughs recently granted or published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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    Thought Leadership

    The more we know
    Ted Colbert, chief information officer and senior vice president of Information Technology & Data Analytics, outlines the importance data plays in our lives today, and in the future of technology and industry.

    Other Thought Leadership Columns

    AI driven transformation, by Harish Rao, senior director of analytics

    The discipline of Big Data, by Anne Kao, Boeing Senior Technical Fellow

    Ted Colbert, chief information officer and senior vice president of Information Technology & Data Analytics

    Technology Radar

    Cambridge, Massachusetts

    MIT engineers have created spinach plants that can detect explosives by sensing nitroaromatic chemical compounds via carbon nanotubes in the leaves. The plants emit a signal indicating the presence of explosives when detected.

    Spinach that Sniffs Explosives

    Blacksburg, Virginia

    Studying owls’ silent flight has helped an international team of researchers led by Virginia Tech engineers to achieve “trailing edge” noise reduction in wind tunnel tests of wind turbine blades. As noise pollution is often cited as a barrier to wind farms, the research could advance sustainable energy availability.

    Noise Reduction using Owls

    Utrecht, Netherlands

    A woman paralyzed from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis became the first person to use a brain implant to communicate by thought in “day-to-day” life, including outdoors. Devices that translate brain activity to communication signals have in the past required frequent recalibration, prohibiting use at home without supervision by doctors or engineers.

    Locked-in Communication

    Melbourne, Australia

    An Australian law firm will be employing “robot lawyers” to help defendants representing themselves to prepare and present data and personal information to courts. According to the firm, the free service’s legal work will be largely transactional and restricted to a limited scope of case types.

    In-Court AI

    Daejeon, South Korea

    A research team at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has fabricated an ultrathin, flexible oxide thin-film transistor using an inorganic-based laser lift-off process. This overcomes some challenges to high performance wearable displays.

    Wearable Displays

    Moscow, Russia

    A second-year master’s student at the National University of Science and Technology MISiS has created 3-D printed shoes with a built-in cooling system. The prototype sneakers have an integrated micro-fan to control the temperature inside the shoes, set via smartphone.

    Title - 30 character max

    Dresden, Germany

    Self-organizing circuits created from gold-plated genetic material could lead to a breakthrough of computer chip miniaturization, according to physicists of Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf research lab, who have developed a method that could make DNA-based electronic devices possible

    DNA-Origami Nanocircuitry

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