Disrupting how we innovate

Greg Hyslop

Boeing Chief Technology Officer
Senior Vice President, Engineering, Test & Technology

You hear a lot of talk these days about innovation and disruption. Being a “disruptor” has become a buzzword in business. But it is happening all around us. Through disruption, an innovative product, service or business model creates a new market that upends an industry’s existing structure—delivering a new product or service in a new way that totally changes the way things have been done before.

Disruption is happening actively in industries such as lodging, transportation and on-demand entertainment— and, closer to home, space launches.

At Boeing, we welcome these disruptors to aerospace because competition has always driven our industry forward. But if we are to win in this new marketplace, we have to disrupt ourselves.

This edition of IQ explores our efforts in internal disruption, like a look at our HorizonX team, which considers emerging business models or strategies that can disrupt aerospace, as well as for partners or markets that can create new business opportunities for Boeing. HorizonX colleagues were part of a cross-Boeing team that recently unveiled a cargo unmanned air vehicle prototype.

The edition also includes reports from some of our subsidiary companies, including Liquid Robotics, which offers the Wave Glider unmanned surface vehicle that runs completely off of renewable energies (wave and solar power).

Boeing was once a startup, and as we enter our second century, we are going to act like a startup again as we embrace the challenge of disruption and continue changing the world.