Lauren Heisey

Meet some of the many technical experts at Boeing who are making the impossible possible.

Optimum Performance
Meet Lauren Heisey (right), a Boeing industrial engineer who’s taken an inter-disciplinary approach to life and to her work.

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Phil Crothers is a Boeing Technical Fellow who leads Boeing’s research investment strategy for materials and manufacturing technology.

At Boeing’s factory Moonshine shops, innovators make something from nothing.

Boeing technologists are using artificial intelligence to drive even more efficiency from precision automation equipment.

    Technical Articles

    IQ’s content includes articles from the Boeing Technical Journal, a peer-reviewed periodical for Boeing subject-matter-experts to capture and leverage knowledge. Research coverage includes all manner of commercial and defense product development, as well as products and services spanning land and sea, to air and space, and through cyberspace.

    While the expansive BTJ archive remains exclusive to Boeing employees, IQ offers selected articles to all readers; these articles are indicated with a “BTJ” heading.

    BTJ: A Smooth Finish

    BTJ: A Smooth Finish

    This paper explores surface smoothing of additively manufacturing parts from the titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V.

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    BTJ: Let’s Get It Together

    BTJ: Let’s Get It Together

    This paper covers Boeing’s work on cradles that can facilitate integrating large scale structures, such as airframes.

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    Make It Even Better

    Make It Even Better

    Boeing’s fabrication site in Sheffield, U.K., is designed to be the company’s model for Industry 4.0 concepts.

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    Awesome on Orbit

    Awesome on Orbit

    The International Space Station is a pinnacle of human achievement – and demonstrates Boeing’s expertise in assembling large structures in challenging environments.

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    The Right Formula

    The Right Formula

    Boeing and its partners in Australia are shaping the path for commercially produced inherently conductive polymers.

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    Patent Spotlight

    Patent Spotlight

    Here’s a look at a few of Boeing’s many latest ideas and technical breakthroughs recently granted or published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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    Thought Leadership

    Jenette Ramos, Boeing senior vice president, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Operations

    Building the Future
    Boeing teammates set the standard for innovation in not just the company’s products and services – but also the production system that brings these engineering marvels to life, says Jenette Ramos, Boeing senior vice president, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Operations.

    Other Thought Leadership Columns

    Mike Vander Wel, chief engineer for commercial production engineering in Boeing Commercial Airplanes, writes about Boeing’s bright future for its employees in industrial engineering roles.

      Technology Radar

      Cambridge, Massachusetts

      Engineers at MIT have developed a polymer that reacts with ambient carbon dioxide to grow and potentially repair itself.

      Self-Healing Material

      Greenbelt, Maryland

      NASA physicists are applying a laser that fires ultrafast light pulses (100-millionths of a nano-second in duration) to manufacture instrument components, as well as micromachine and weld dissimilar materials.

      Ultrafast Laser Machining

      Surrey, United Kingdom

      Scientists from Surrey's Advanced Technology Institute have developed a triboelectric nano-generator approach to storing usable electricity by harvesting energy from the wearer.

      Power Your Own Wearables

      Lausanne, Switzerland

      Swiss technologists have developed a high-quality laser beam using a lab-grown diamond that could feasibly transmit power to vehicles in motion or flight.

      Power an Autonomous Vehicle in Flight

      Beijing, China

      A carbon nanotube with higher tensile strength than any fiber seen before has been developed by researchers at Tsinghua University. In theory, this fiber has enough strength to support a space elevator.

      World’s Strongest Fiber

      Brisbane, Australia

      Researchers at CSIRO and Queensland University of Technology have developed customizable robotic legs for various environments. The legs can be 3D-printed on demand and affixed to six-legged robots to carry out environment-specific tasks.

      The Right Leg for the Situation

      Nottingham, United Kingdom

      University of Nottingham scientists have developed a synthetic polymer that uses fluidics to regulate its temperature in response to environment, much the same as mammals and plants. Thermally functional material could have space flight applications.

      Self-Cooling Material

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