Building the future

Jenette Ramos

Senior Vice President, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Operations

When I walk through a Boeing factory and see how new technology is transforming the workplace, I am amazed and grateful for all the people who are bringing innovation to the production system.

The factory is where ideas are brought to life in the manufacturing process. Whether we’re building a helicopter, fighter jet, commercial airplane or any other product, people connect the production system.

Lean thinking and technology drive how we manufacture and build our products to continuously improve safety, quality and flow. Technology to me is the heart of innovation, but our amazing teams also innovate processes and new services. Innovation is in everything we do.

Today, mechanics are learning to use exoskeletons and virtual reality headsets to assemble parts of the airplane and train for complicated procedures, like landing gear installation, improving quality and safety. In 2018, we identified over 500,000 parts as potential candidates for 3D printing, and we’re even bringing to reality 3D printing of satellites. Digital technology is informing the factory with new apps and real-time data.

The pace of innovation sweeping through Boeing and the aerospace industry is accelerating and reaching every aspect of our business. We are partnering with many stakeholders to build a digital thread that would connect our supply chain end to end. With digitization now at our fingertips, our long-standing challenge—to simplify our processes, update our tools and connect the supply chain all the way into our subtier suppliers—is also our opportunity.

I know we can succeed. Like Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to B; imagination will take you everywhere.”

We aspire to exceed our customers’ expectations with innovation in all that we do.