The Wonder of Flight

Boeing Chief Technology Officer
Senior Vice President, Engineering, Test & Technology

If you’ve stood still to watch a Boeing airplane fly overhead, then you know how amazing flight still is to us.

Yet there’s another thing better than watching an aircraft climb skyward — and that’s to experience the wonder of powered flight for yourself. This capability is the end result of our extensive and ongoing work in improving the flight experience, which is the theme of this edition of IQ.

The members of Boeing’s technical team continue to raise the standards for the flight experience. For instance:

  • Our versatile Commercial Airplanes product line lets our airline customers meet the public’s desire to travel nonstop, or “point-to-point,” instead of changing flights at large airports.
  • We developed the striking and stylish Boeing Sky Interior. You’ll find it not only on our Commercial Airplanes, but also on the CST-100 Starliner next-generation space capsule.
  • We made overhead bins bigger to help our airline customers give passengers options.
  • Thanks to its many new technologies, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner offers significant improvements in the flying experience, such as bigger windows, lower cabin humidity, and improved interior aesthetics.
  • Our products continue to advance in fuel efficiency and other environmental improvements. Airplanes that use less fuel and are also quieter for communities near airports.

Yet there’s more to come. Among the developments in work are features on smart devices that could allow passengers to control their onboard personal environment. They may also let crew members monitor cabin systems during flight—and even lock and unlock electronically controlled overhead bins.

We remain committed to improving the flying experience, to strengthen our stature as a leader in aerospace and innovation.