A world of discovery

Greg Hyslop

Boeing Chief Technology Officer
Senior Vice President, Engineering, Test & Technology

At Boeing, we have a worldwide view of our business. Our mission—to connect, protect, explore and inspire the world through aerospace innovation—calls out this global perspective. And for us to accomplish this mission, we collaborate with colleagues and partners from every corner of the world.

That’s the way of a global industrial champion. And that’s the way Boeing applies its breadth of experience and expertise across borders to generate world-changing innovation for humankind.

I’m pleased to say that this edition of IQ explores some of our international collaborations. Among the projects you’ll read about in this issue are:

  • Our research partnerships in Brazil, where we’re researching many diverse yet strategically important topics such as aeroacoustics, sustainable materials and additive manufacturing.
  • The making of the “Dynamic Ocean,” a UK-created virtual environment to develop new capabilities for maritime products.
  • A first-person account from Shane Arnott, a Boeing Senior Technical Fellow in Australia, about the fast creation of a ground-based system that allows multiple autonomous unmanned air vehicles to operate safely and avoid collisions.

The reason why Boeing works with entities across the planet is simple: In order for our products and services to be the best in the world, we need to partner with the best of the best across the world. When these collaborators work together with the bright, diligent members of the Boeing team, whose collective talents are as broad as they are deep, amazing things happen.

Technology breakthroughs are taking place not just within Boeing facilities, but also at institutions and companies worldwide. Look for Boeing to continue partnering with colleagues across the globe so that, together, we can change the world.