Hello, Hollie! ecoDemonstrator programme heads into new phase

Hello, Hollie!

ecoDemonstrator programme heads into new phase
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Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator programme plays a key role in the company’s environmental strategy by testing and accelerating the use of new technologies that reduce emissions and noise, improve airlines’ gate-to-gate efficiency and help meet many environmental goals.

Boeing has completed four ecoDemonstrator flight test programmes since 2012 to accelerate the development of new technologies that enhance safety and reduce fuel use, emissions and noise. So far, over 60 technologies have been tested and all flights were operated with a blend of biofuels approved for commercial aviation, demonstrating the viability of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).

In 2015, the ecoDemonstrator programme tested more than 15 technologies on a 757 in collaboration with NASA and TUI Group. The 2014 and 2015 programmes tested the performance of renewable diesel, gathering critical technical performance data to support the approval of fuels.

In 2018, Boeing and FedEx will work together to test more than 35 technologies aboard a FedEx-owned 777 Freighter named Hollie. New technologies aboard Hollie include flight deck enhancements, compact thrust reversers and advanced materials. During the official presentation of the new ecoDemonstrator programme this week, Hollie played host to over 50 local STEM students from the Seattle region. Students had the chance to explore some of the latest safety and environmental technologies aboard the 777 Freighter.

In Europe, Boeing seeks to inspire students to pursue future careers in STEM and support around 27 key corporate citizenship programmes in 11 European countries. From introducing aviation-related STEM education to high school students in the Nordics, to a coding summer school in Belgium and the Netherlands, Boeing inspires the dreamers and pioneers of tomorrow! Find out more about Boeing’s community engagement in Europe.