Three European teams receive GoFly Prize

Three European teams receive GoFly Prize

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Teams from Latvia, Netherlands and UK among winners for designs of personal flying devices

Teams from Latvia, Netherlands and UK are among ten Phase 1 winners of the GoFly Prize. GoFly is a two year, $2 million international competition to create a personal flying device.

The ten winning designs earned the highest marks from GoFly’s panel of industry expert judges who reviewed hundreds of designs from teams around the world looking to create a personal flying device that can safely be used by anyone, anywhere. With Boeing as Grand Sponsor, the competition launched in September 2017, and since then, has rallied thousands of innovators from around the world to participate.

This is the first time a competition of this size and scale been achieved. GoFly is a community comprised of almost 3,000 innovators across 95 countries, and the 10 winning teams from Latvia, the Netherlands, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States, underscore the competition’s truly international scope. Each winning design lays the foundation for a prototype that will safely carry a person 20 miles without refueling or recharging with vertical, or near vertical take-off and landing capability.

The three winning teams from the EU are as follows:

  • The 8-person Team Aeroxo LV from Latvia submitted a design called “ERA Aviabike”. It is a tilt rotor aerial vehicle type that combines VTOL capabilities of helicopter with range and speed of fixed-wing aircraft.
  • The 8-person Team Silverwing in the Netherlands submitted a design named “S1”.  The device is a canard-wing configuration around a person in a motorcycle-like orientation powered by two electric motors with ducted rotors. The aircraft makes a 90 degree transition from vertical take-off to horizontal cruise flight.
  • The 7-person Team Leap from the UK submitted a design called “Vantage” which is a five-rotor air bike.

“The winning designs of Phase I demonstrate that there are still creative, bold innovators worldwide who are captivated and inspired by powered flight,” said Boeing Chief Technology Officer Greg Hyslop. “The ingenuity of these ideas shows how the GoFly Prize competition aligns to Boeing’s mission of changing the world through aerospace innovation. We’re looking forward to seeing these innovators turn their ideas into reality.”

Now that the first prizes have been awarded, GoFly will continue to award almost $2 million over the next 16 months: Phase II awards will include four $50,000 prizes awarded to teams with the best prototypes in March 2019; and Phase III will unveil the Grand Prize Winner, awarded at the Final Fly-Off in the fall of 2019. The final Fly-Off will be judged by a team of experts from Boeing and other leading organizations.

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