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The Newton Room settles in Łódź

After a successful experience with a temporary “Pop-Up Newton Room” in 2019, Boeing and FIRST Scandinavia extend their partnership with the Łódź University of Technology to implement a permanent version.

Łódź, October 28, 2021 – For the first time in Poland, Boeing and FIRST Scandinavia will implement a permanent version of the Newton Room after signing contract with the University of Technology in Łódź. This new long-term partnership builds on the successful previous experience of the Pop-Up Newton Room in 2019 at the same high school. When the space opened for three weeks, all available slots were booked, and more than 650 students aged from 13 to 16 enjoyed the innovative learning experience, spending a total of 266 hours in the flight simulators.

"We are very pleased that thanks to the Newton Room, modern technology enters the school and students will have the opportunity to combine the knowledge gained in theoretical classes with practical knowledge during laboratory tasks. For young people, it is an opportunity to learn about work in a modern laboratory, and for the school, it is a great opportunity to start cooperation with international corporations. A project of local rank becomes not only a nationwide project, but also an international one” said Tomasz Kozera, director of the University of Technology in Łódź.

The permanent Newton Room is again supported by Boeing, and the learning modules are based on topics related to aviation to inspire young students towards science and technology. “We are thrilled by the extension of our partnership with the Łódź University of Technology. We hope that by supporting attractive educational experiences on the long term, we will inspire young girls and boys for aviation and maybe see them join our growing team in Poland someday” Vice-President Boeing Digital Solutions & Analytics Poland, Rafal Stepnowski says.

The students will now have the possibility to work on three different STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) modules:

  • Up in the air with numbers: Students receive a mission from a rescue coordination center. They need to plan the rescue flight, carrying out mathematical calculations using units, distance, speed, and time, and become confident navigators. Finally, they complete the flight on one of three flight simulators.
  • Robots and circumference: Students explore strategies to calculate the perimeter of circles and other two-dimensional shapes. Using robots, they must plan and carry out measurements and are encouraged to present and discuss their own choices of mathematical strategies.
  • Sustainable biofuels: Students will study two of the steps in industrial production of biofuels: enzymatic degradation of wood to sugar, and fermentation of sugar to fuel (ethanol). The students will also evaluate and discuss biofuels in a sustainability context.

The Newton concept is developed and administered by the non-profit foundation FIRST Scandinavia in collaboration with teachers, academic institutions, and corporations. A Newton Room is a well-equipped, inspiring STEM classroom with a focus on high quality education. The purpose is to provide as many children as possible with good experiences and a feeling of mastery with STEM subjects. The education is varied and focuses on practical activities. Over 40 permanent Newton Rooms were already implemented in several other European countries and host around 3,000 students per year and per module.

“The Łódź University of Technology High School has proven to be a great partner to introduce the Newton concept to Poland. During the entire process, we have been impressed by the passionate and engaged staff and teachers. We are fortunate to work with an institution that shares our values and passion to prepare young students with quality STEM education” Alysia Tofflemire, Executive Director of NewtonRoom GmbH, FIRST Scandinavia’s continental European office, says.

Boeing and FIRST Scandinavia have partnered since 2013 on different projects, among them the establishment of the Newton Flight Academy in Bodø, Norway. In June 2018, FIRST Scandinavia was chosen as Boeing’s official European STEM partner with an investment of $5 million. The Newton concept is now being presented in nine European countries through mobile solutions and permanent venues.