Row of European Union flags.

Boeing in the EU: Innovation


Boeing supports European innovation and the creation of a sustainable future through technology leadership. The company is strengthening its presence by investing in new facilities and leading-edge research as well as through advancing educational, environmental and social programs that support the European Union’s long-term innovation goals. A strong commitment to innovation is vital to a technology-driven enterprise such as Boeing. Developing state-of-the-art products requires a deep understanding of complex technologies and a refined set of global partnerships. Boeing has established a broad range of partnerships across Europe by creating research centres, participating in research consortia and working with suppliers.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Boeing supports a measured and effective regulatory framework for Europe on the integration of unmanned aircraft in civil airspace that focuses on maintaining a high level of safety, while providing the right environment to advance innovation for this rapidly growing industry. It is paramount that common EU rules prevent any interference with commercial or general aviation while protecting the efficiency of users of non-segregated airspace. The EU and the US framework on UAS integration have to be complementary in order to prevent unnecessary burden on industry and ultimately, the regulators. With its number of flight hours quickly approaching one million, Boeing has successfully and safely integrated the ScanEagle UAS platform into the airspace; the expertise and experience of which Boeing brings to the European context.