Celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage


Celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander heritage to build a brighter world

As teammates, we can create a more respectful and inclusive world

During Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we celebrate the ingenuity, innovation and leadership of our Asian and Pacific Islander teammates. Since 1916, when Boeing hired its first aeronautical engineer, Wong Tsoo, a Chinese innovator who helped design Boeing’s first production airplane, Asians and Pacific Islanders have continued to revolutionize and propel our company — and aerospace — forward.

We continue to acknowledge that this community faces increased xenophobia, discrimination and violence in the wake of COVID-19. There is no place for racism in our society, and we do not tolerate it at Boeing. We extend our support to all those who have experienced the pain and fear of discrimination — and we step forward together, as allies, to speak out against it. To demonstrate further commitment to the AAPI community, since 2021, Boeing has donated $1.6 million to organizations working to combat anti-Asian hate, advance appreciation for Asian American Pacific Islander history and culture, fund leadership development programs and more. Click here for a list of 2022 grantees.

During Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and year-round, we empower all teammates to stand together against hate to build a brighter world.

Building a culture of inclusion for all

  • Improving representation

    Boeing is committed to improving the diversity of our Pan-Asian employee pipeline for generations to come, with a focus on leadership positions. Advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion within Boeing continues to be a top priority. Our 2022 Global Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Report shows that women, and racial and ethnic minority representation in the U.S. has increased overall compared to last year’s report. The company is continuing its efforts to accelerate representation gains for Asian and Pacific Islander (API) teammates and all minority groups at every level within Boeing.

    The Boeing Asian and Pacific Association (BAPA) Business Resource Group continues to be an outstanding example of inclusivity and community within our company. The organization has worked tirelessly this past year to expand its footprint globally by opening its first international chapter, with plans for additional international chapters to come.

    Today, Pan-Asian Americans represent the largest racial minority at Boeing in the United States. Like many companies, we have work to do to support the advancement of our Pan-Asian talent into leadership positions. We strive for progress by evaluating ourselves; evolving how we attract, recruit and select talent; and building a more inclusive culture. Learn more about our equity, diversity and inclusion efforts in the 2022 Global Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Report.

  • Accelerating equity, diversity and inclusion for all

    Our employee-led Business Resource Group Boeing Asian and Pacific Association (BAPA) connects thousands of employees who are passionate about their connection to and/or support of Asian cultures and the importance of those cultures to our business. BAPA programming helps members advance their professional goals; identify mentorship and leadership opportunities; celebrate the richness and diversity of Asian culture; and engage in company outreach as community advocates, brand ambassadors and leaders. BAPA also helps employees reach their full leadership potential with its Leadership and Development (LEAD) program. Through LEAD, BAPA paves the way for leadership growth, visibility and career development opportunities for our employees.

    Our strong partnership with the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers also helps recruit STEM professionals of Asian descent and prepare them for success.

  • Seek, Speak & Listen

    Across the enterprise, we’re focused on building three habits — seeking, speaking and listening — to strengthen our global team and drive stronger business outcomes. These habits are how we accomplish our business priorities and live our values. The Seek, Speak & Listen (SS&L) habits empower us to connect across differences, learn from one another and make better decisions. By going back to basics and fully embracing these habits, we can improve quality, safety and performance for ourselves, our customers and our stakeholders. The habits are also foundational to an inclusive culture of trust, care and connection. We need to empower one another to speak up and voice concerns. We need to get ideas on the table, seek out and surface issues before they become major problems, and challenge behaviors that just aren’t right. We need to listen to and learn from one another, lifting all voices so we can better innovate and operate. Together, we’ll make meaningful changes to our company culture, creating an open, candid and respectful environment that empowers every teammate to bring their best.

Pan-Asian teammates making a difference across Boeing

Jacqueline Lam: Making the Future of Flight Sustainable

Jacqueline Lam: Making the Future of Flight Sustainable

Global Sustainability Policy and Partnerships lead uses inclusive approach when collaborating with her teams on making the future of flight sustainable.

Sanh Ha: Design Engineer, Adapts and Excels

Sanh Ha: Design Engineer, Adapts and Excels

A design engineer who flew in a recent 777-9 test flight now works to knock down barriers so other deaf and hard-of-hearing employees can do the same.

STEM Sit Down with King Lam

STEM Sit Down with King Lam

A manufacturing engineer at Boeing shares the stories of the Asian scientists that have inspired him and why he loves being an engineer at Boeing.

Thuylinh Pham shares a special story of the airplane’s impact on her life as she emigrated from Vietnam to Seattle.

Thuylinh Pham: How the 747 changed one Washington Boeing employee’s life

Thuylinh Pham shares a special story of the airplane’s impact on her life as she emigrated from Vietnam to Seattle.

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 Yang Che Yang Che

Yang Che: Engineering the evolution of the F-15

Yang Che, a flight test engineer on international F-15 programs, explains how his team guides the jet’s evolving design and development.

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Vishwa Uddanwadiker

Predict to prevent: Aerospace safety analytics

Vishwa Uddanwadiker, the 2022 Asian American Executive of the Year and safety analytics lead in Boeing’s Chief Aerospace Safety Office (CASO), outlines how safety, and, in particular, safety data, travels from engineers to the factory floor and into the sky.

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Teresa King

Teresa King: ‘There’s room for all types of leaders’

Learn how Teresa King, a product engineer and inventor with multiple patents, is helping to close gaps for Asian women in STEM.

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Asian and Pacific Islander Contributions Have Built Boeing

In 1916, William Boeing hired his fledgling company’s first engineer, Wong Tsoo, a Chinese innovator who had just graduated from MIT. Asked to work on the design for a seaplane suitable for Navy training duties, Wong helped create a two-seat biplane with innovations tested in the MIT wind tunnel.

On the morning of Nov. 15, 1916, the Model C took off from Seattle's Lake Union and flew into aviation history. A few months later, Navy pilots tested it and pronounced it the best biplane they'd ever seen. The Navy bought 50 Model Cs for $575,000 (worth nearly $10 million in today's dollars) — the contract that, according to historian Robert J. Serling, “put Boeing into business for good.”

In the decades since, employees of Asian descent have revolutionized and propelled our company forward with innovations, leadership and engineering ingenuity in aerospace.

Learn more about Wong Tsoo

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