Paola Rodríguez-Borrés

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Brand and User Specialist

Paola Rodriguez Borres works as a brand and user specialist on the learning and development team, helping employees from different backgrounds discover and apply the numerous training resources that are available at Boeing.

Recruited from the University of Puerto Rico for a Boeing internship, Paola now serves as the chair for business recruitment from the university. She works with a team across the company to mentor and support students interested in pursuing a career with Boeing, watching students transition to a professional career.

"I feel like it's my way of giving back," Paola explained. "Without the Boeing recruitment team, I would have never had the opportunity to live in so many places and do so many things. I want to help others get that opportunity as well."

Teresa Blanco Olympio

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OneBPS Senior Director - Fabrication

Teresa Blanco Olympio is the senior director of the Fabrication One Boeing Production System for Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

A first-generation Mexican American, Teresa became the first person in her family to go to college. After graduating, she started at Boeing as a cost estimator before shifting to supply chain where she quickly rose through the ranks.

Teresa continues to work on creating rotations with Boeing Familia to increase Hispanic representation in manufacturing. She was also recently selected to be a founding member of Boeing's Racial Equity Task Force, a group that is leading the movement to make inclusion a top priority and responsibility for every teammate.

"Now I have this position and have a voice. How do I use it to help others," Teresa asked. "How can I advocate for people, sponsor them getting on succession plans, and bring that awareness to grow representation across our company? That's what I'm focused on today."

Coral Reyes Ortiz

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Flight Test Operations Engineer

Coral M. Reyes Ortiz is a Flight Test Operations Engineer in the BT&E Test Bed Operations team. She manages test planning, coordination and execution in support of multiple programs across the company.

She started her Boeing career as part of the Engineering Career Foundation Program, a two year rotational program where she served as a structures engineer, systems engineer, M&P engineer and flight test operations engineer. Coral is a former board member of Boeing Familia St. Louis, a member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and Society of Women Engineers.

Coral graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez. She’s a volunteer for Great Minds in STEM as a scholarship reviewer and a youth mentor at her local Big Brother Big Sister.

Brenda Isaza

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Electrical Systems Capability Leader

Brenda Isaza was born in Cali, Colombia. As a child, she would ask her grandmother to take her downtown to watch planes land and take-off at a nearby air force base. It was then that she began to aspire to a career in aerospace. Brenda and her family immigrated to the U.S. when she was 11 years old—the first time she flew in a Boeing 747.

Brenda studied Aerospace Engineering and Masters in Systems Engineering and Management developing a career with multiple roles in Boeing’s Human Spaceflight programs. She is currently the Electrical Systems Capability leader for Boeing Space & Launch Engineering and the company focal for the Great Minds in STEM. She passionately advocates and promotes STEM careers to minorities and recruits the best diverse talent for Boeing.

“It is my mission and passion to continue to promote careers in STEM and to increase minorities in the workforce.”

Nathalie Quintero

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Systems Engineer

Nathalie Quintero is an Aerospace Systems Engineer for the Space Launch System’s Florida Launch IPT team.

Originally from Venezuela, Nathalie immigrated to the U.S. when she was 17. During college, she interned with Boeing Commercial Airplanes in Washington twice and later with Boeing’s Space Launch Systems Operations team in Florida. Nathalie graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering before joining Boeing full-time. She earned a Master’s in Systems Engineering from Cornell University with the company’s tuition assistance program.  

Nathalie founded STEM for Aerospace, an organization that creates educational content in English and Spanish for youth to explore the aerospace industry. Nathalie volunteers for Meals on Wheels, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and Great Minds in STEM.

In her free time, Nathalie loves to dance Flamenco, travel, learn about new cultures, and play the guitar and cuatro— a Venezuelan string instrument.

Zully Casanova

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Structural & Payloads Design Engineer

Zully Casanova leads the design, fabrication and installation effort of multiple structural access platforms inside the Space Launch System Rocket to prepare the rocket for launch at Kennedy Space Center.

Born and raised in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, Zully was introduced to the world of engineering by her older brother. She went on to study mechanical engineering and recently graduated with a Master of Science in engineering management. Zully was selected for one of Boeing's leadership programs and leads a site chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.

Zully’s favorite thing about her Hispanic heritage is the sense of pride in the culture and the feeling of family within the community.

"Hispanics are very proud of where they come from," she said. "Individuals work hard to represent their families and history in their own successes, while are willing to help others in their journeys as well."

Gus Hernandez

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Fabrication Specialist for Boeing Defense, Space & Security 

Gus Hernandez is helping others reach for the stars, literally, through his work on NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS). Also, as president of the New Orleans chapter of Boeing Familia, he continually supports the voices of Hispanic and Latinx teammates at his site.

When Hernandez, as a child, first came to the United States fitting in was a challenge. “My only friend spoke Spanish, my first language,” he said. “Others made fun of me for speaking broken or no English because I was a Hispanic kid in a new country.” With the help of his family, Hernandez challenged himself in his education where his love for aviation motivated and inspired him to complete his degree as an Associate of Applied Science and continue working on a mechanical engineering degree.

“I believe roadblocks will come, but learning from each other how to overcome them, supporting, educating and engaging – that’s how we can all reach for the stars.”

Aurora Garcia

Headshot of woman in black jacket with white shirt

Propulsion test engineer with Boeing Testing & Evaluation (BT&E)

Garcia’s current role at Boeing involves working on propulsion subsystems that produce the thrust to push a satellite forward. As a test engineer, she ensures that components function properly and verifies subsystems can handle the pressures and environmental conditions experienced throughout the product’s life cycle. Garcia said her team regularly uses their creativity to design their test setups and plans, and relies on their diverse perspectives at every turn. “It’s critical that our team thinks differently so we can identify and address any possible concerns or potential safety and quality issues.”

In addition to her involvement in BT&E’s Diversity & Inclusion Council, Garcia serves as co-chair of Boeing Familia’s El Segundo chapter, a Business Resource Group she said helps members expand their network, develop themselves professionally and give back to the community. “By helping promote a workplace where everyone feels safe to be themselves,” Garcia said, “I truly believe that Boeing Familia cultivates an environment for others to learn from, and ally with, the Hispanic and Latinx communities.”

Marcela Angulo

Woman in a dry cornfield

Electrical engineer with Boeing’s Patriot Advanced Capability-3

Angulo’s family emigrated from her home country of Bolivia to the United States in search of greater economic and educational opportunity when she was just 2 years old. She and her family moved to a rapid-growing community in northern Virginia, where her mother found work with a cleaning company and her father in the transportation industry.

As she got older, her mentor continued to tutor her, helped her consider different career paths, and advised her on navigating the college application process.

Today, Angulo supports Boeing’s Patriot Advanced Capability-3, or PAC-3, Missile seeker program. The seeker functions as the eyes and brains of the missile, enabling it to identify, track and intercept air and missile threats.

“I would say to always view your missteps as constructive,” is Angulo’s advice to aspiring STEM professionals. “Keeping looking forward and learn from them so you can do better next time.”