Frontiers Special Report 2017 January

BOEING.COM/FRONTIERS SPECIAL REPORT: Suited for success Boeing debuts new spacesuit

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SEPTEMBER 2016 | 01 Heavy duty Chinook proves itself in service with UK Royal Air Force SEPTEMBER 2016 | VOLUME 15, ISSUE 02 | BOEING.COM/FRONTIERS


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Living in a materials world: After a decade of research, Boeing and the aerospace industry are on the threshold of large-scale composite recycling. Difference makers: Nearly 3,000 Boeing employees around the world, along with friends and family members, pitched in to help their communities last month during Boeing's annual Global Day of Service. Early bird: It typically takes three to five years to build and test a satellite. Technology's bread and butter: Whether it's a safer and more efficient way to test fuel tanks or a device that helps mechanics drill straight and true each time, the replication of good ideas, new technology and innovations across the company's programs and worldwide facilities, led by employees of Boeing Research & Technology, bolsters safety, productivity-and competitiveness. Leading light: The Airborne Laser Test Bed, a modified 747-400 carrying a huge chemical laser designed to shoot down ballistic missiles, has been retired. Flying through change: Boeing's rotorcraft facilities near Philadelphia are being transformed as part of a massive construction project that is renovating factory and office space even as Chinook helicopter production rates have increased. Material advantage: Recycling composites offers many benefits for Boeing, the environment-and the 787 Bright lights, big safety: Boeing scientist has a laser-like focus on workplace safety Higher learning: Skylab expanded our knowledge about Earth—and how we could live and work in space Tunnel vision: Computer simulations are crucial in developing the aerodynamics of Boeing aircraft, but at some point it's time to turn on the wind! Eye in the sky: Phantom Eye, a feat of Boeing engineering and innovation that pushes the envelope of unmanned aerial vehicles, flew for the first time last month in the high desert of California—and Frontiers has exclusive photos. Your move: For Boeing employees around the world, the six-week physical challenge known as Boeing on the Move is an opportunity to improve their health through exercise, regardless of the activity. MAXimum advantage: How Boeing engineers perfected the Advanced Technology winglet for the 737 MAX Boeing in the U.K.: Boeing has a long history in the United Kingdom, which today is one of the biggest markets for Boeing’s commercial and military products. Born to fly inverted: U.S. Navy's Blue Angels have thrilled crowds for more than a half-century Turning the tide: Many will benefit from cleanup and restoration of this Seattle waterway Material advantage Why We’re Here Researching advanced sealants and coatings that also are better for the environment One for the ages: The B-52 bomber keeps going and going and going Earthy endeavors: Boeing employees join in to support global Earth Day activities Inspiring minds: Boeing mentors help excite students about careers as engineers and scientists We build jets!: With the rollout of their first 787, Boeing South Carolina employees join a special fraternity Ahead for safety: Boeing South Carolina site builds 787s - and a culture of safety Innovation in any language: Boeing technology center in Spain connects the company with the best of European research and development A walk to remember: At the massive Everett jetliner plant, tour guides tell the Boeing story to visitors At your service: Service and support business is critical to military customers - and Boeing's global growth Plane majestic: The new 747-8 Intercontinental represents a huge leap in efficiency and passenger flying experience Higher order: Dreamliner order underscores long partnership between Boeing and Russia’s Transaero Airlines Power Shift: For this employee, helping Boeing conserve energy has been a rewarding journey Frontiers: Boeing's magazine for employees celebrates 10 years of publication Talent search: Boeing focuses on recruiting to meet future business challenges Wired together: Although they may not be in the spotlight that falls on Boeing's bigger facilities, employees at the El Paso site in Texas have an important mission that makes big things at Boeing possible. Cleaner skies ahead: A Next-Generation 737-800 scheduled to be delivered to American Airlines later this year will first make a series of test flights as part of Boeing's ecoDemonstrator program. The sky's the limit: From kitchens similar to what might be found in a home, to bedrooms with showers, when it comes to luxury interiors the possibilities are almost limitless. Teaming for success: Global partnerships play key role in growth goal of Boeing's defense business Meet Boeing's experts: They solve exceptionally difficult problems. They help Boeing define its technical strategies. Advancing Australia: Boeing's roots in Australia’s aerospace industry run deep The right path: Working together has reduced Boeing's future health care costs-but there is more to do – Rick Stephens Boeing’s new 'Edge': New initiative brings Commercial Airplanes' sales and services closer together-increasing competitiveness - Ray Conner Art of the sale: For this employee, long-term partnerships are key to providing great customer support 'Keep 'em flying: The legacy of Boeing field reps began in China with the P-26 'Peashooter' Stepping up: Employees and Boeing work together to lower health care costs Out of the blue: When out-of-production airplanes need a part, Boeing's Bluestreak team delivers—fast Security at the speed of light: The danger from attacks on national and business computing systems and infrastructure continues to grow and will eventually surpass the threat of terrorism, according to the director of the FBI. Clutch cargo: Whether it's serving as a flexible military transport, performing humanitarian missions to airdrop food and water for thousands, or flying an aeromedical mission to save one soldier, Boeing's C-17 Globemaster III is a global workhorse for the U.S. Air Force and a growing number of international customers. Innovation for a cleaner tomorrow: It all starts at an engineer’s desk. The 787 Dreamliner and 747-8 have established new standards among jetliners for efficiency, environmental performance and noise reduction, and Boeing engineers continue to set their sights just as high when it comes to the environment. Historical Perspective: Boeing Commercial Aviation Services has a global force of men and women stationed in more than 60 countries to provide immediate support, expertise and services to Boeing customers. Long-haul leader: Even as Boeing studies the next big advance for its best-selling 777, manufacturing improvements are helping to speed production and meet demand for the twin-aisle jetliner. Enduring legacy: Generation after generation, Boeing employees have improved environmental performance – Kim Smith Historical Perspective: The F2H-1 Banshee made its first flight 65 years ago and established McDonnell Aircraft in the jet fighter business. Refueling the future: Sustainable, 'drop-in' aviation biofuel is a reality, but challenges remain. Fulltilt: Operational success leads to international interest in the V-22 Osprey 'Winging' it: With production rates going up, 737 team develops innovative new process for building wings Dream destination: Ongoing 787 world tour is an opportunity for many to see the Dreamliner up close A pivotal year for BDS: Shrinking defense budgets mean Boeing Defense, Space & Security must look for new opportunities and execute on existing contracts You've gotta be kitting: Employee focus on productivity and lower costs is paying off Vision for the future: Biman's modern, efficient Boeing jetliners help Bangladesh unlock economic growth Global service - Texas style!: Employees at the San Antonio site take a 'One Boeing' approach to military and commercial work LUV story: 737 delivery breakfast shows how Boeing and Southwest get along The Little Bird that could: Known by many names, the OH-6A Cayuse has enjoyed success for nearly 50 years Innovating tomorrow: Video series tells the story of employees solving tough, real-world challenges Deep Impact: Boeing’s Echo Ranger demonstratespotential of unmanned subs Not hurting for certain!: Everett factory team has gone 10 years without a lost workday due to injury Diverse and dynamic': Singapore is Boeing's biggest customer in Southeast Asia, but the region is an emerging economic force Lasting impressions: James Bell leaves a legacy of accomplishment following a career that spanned four decades This is exciting stuff!: For Boeing's Flight Operations team, 2011 was a year for the record books Leader of the pack: Team develops environmental standards that cut shipping costs and waste The next generation: Engineers introduce students to the excitement of science and technology Language bridge: Program helps Boeing employees communicate worldwide The art of war: R.G. Smith turned a job at Douglas Aircraft into a career as a famed aviation artist Treasure hunt: Boeing archives are a growing repository of a fascinating history The gathering swarm: Boeing is applying swarm technology to unmanned vehicles The next frontier: Former shuttle employees shift expertise to new programs It's coming together: On the Boeing South Carolina final assembly production floor, the shiny white 787 fuselage with its newly joined wings marks the beginning of Boeing's newest commercial airplane assembly line. The multiplier effect: When it comes to achieving innovation, replication is just as important as invention Viva l’Italia: Boeing and Italy enjoy strong ties and partnerships that benefit both Eye for photos: To recognize the work that Boeing photographers do every day to capture the breadth and depth of Boeing, as well as the pride, spirit and dedication of its employees, Frontiers asked for their best photos from 2011 Paint the Sky: Boeing employee provides splash of color for U.S. naval aviation centennial Safety in numbers: Employee involvement teams improve workplace safety—and production Back to the future: Venerable prop planes help Boeing team test smarter, quicker and more economically Financing the future: Boeing Capital's role supporting customers is critical—and growing MAXimum performer: New 737 MAX will build upon a legacy of accomplishment and success Frontiers archive