Boeing Frontiers
December 2002/January 2003
Volume 01, Issue 08
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Commercial Airplanes

Not just a plane paint job

Not just a plane paint jobTraditional straight red, white and blue lines that run horizontally along the fuselage of many new Boeing commercial airplane models take a drastically new direction on the 777-300ER (extended range).

Specifically, elements of the Boeing livery go where graphics designers and painters have never gone before: under the airplane.

The familiar sweeping array of colors starts at the front belly, swings upward around the wings and finishes with each color coming together on the underside of the tail.


Preparing for the FuturePreparing for the Future

Carolyn Corvi knew that when Boeing employees inaugurated the 757 moving line in Renton, Wash., they were making history.

With the simple flip of a switch, the 100-ton 757 in the last position of the assembly line began moving continuously at a pace of 24 feet a day.

Just as Henry Ford revolutionized the automobile industry with the assembly line, Corvi, 737/757 vice president and general manager, believes Boeing employees are revolutionizing aerospace manufacturing.


Trading PlacesTrading Places

Think about the last time you bought a vehicle. For many, the transaction is easiest when the dealership accepts your trade-in and applies its value toward your new investment. But can a buyer apply a similar sales strategy when buying airplanes?

According to Dinesh Keskar, president of Boeing Aircraft Trading (BAT), an organization within Boeing Commercial Airplanes, the answer is ''yes,'' but on a much grander scale.



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