Boeing Frontiers
July 2002 
Volume 01, Issue 03 
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ShareValue Trust

Boeing Stock, ShareValue Trust Performance

1. Estimated share price at distribution threshold.

2. Expected ShareValue distribution IF estimated share price is reached on period ending date. Charts show 'average share price' for June 28, 2002, and the estimated values of before-tax distributions for employees who have participated all 48 months in ShareValue Trust Period 4. Actual distribution will be based on the final number of fund participants and other variables not known until after that date.

3. On July 1, the results of Period 3 were announced and the final value of the shares in the Period 3 fund was not high enough to trigger a distribution. Given the 'average share price' shown, the fund was $57.5 million below the threshold. 'Average share price' for the ShareValue Trust is defined as the average of the day's high and low per-share trading prices for Boeing common stock on the New York Stock Exchange.

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