Boeing Frontiers
May 2002 
Volume 01, Issue 01 
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Commercial Airplanes
Meet the airplane of tomorrow—today

"highway in the sky"A new breed of airplane has been soaring through the skies over Washington's Puget Sound, demonstrating to customers and the public Boeing's commitment to offering technology that enhances aviation safety and efficiency.

The plane is the Boeing Technology Demonstrator, a Next-Generation 737-900 fitted with new, cutting-edge navigational and flight deck safety features. It's designed to showcase advanced technologies unmatched in commercial aviation today and that tomorrow could become the industry standard.


Changing the rules of the 'change' game

Integrated AeroStructures MechanicThe Commercial Airplanes production system is well equipped to handle infinite variability. That's not necessarily a good thing.

It is estimated that more than 35 percent of today's resources are devoted just to managing the changes to engineering drawings, manufacturing plans or schedule requirements. This variability drives tremendous production costs, inefficiencies in processes and disruption in the factories.

That's why employees of the 737 and 757 programs are working to transform the production system. Their efforts, called 737/757 Transformation, are reducing the number of changes and resulting costs.


The CAS Portable Maintenance AidNew and improved model for success

For more than 65 years, Boeing Commercial Airplanes has been the leader in helping airline customers keep their airplanes in the sky, earning money.

Despite its long, strong track record, however, Boeing's Commercial Aviation Services (CAS) organization has spent the better part of this year planning and implementing sweeping changes in the way it does business. Is it a classic case of fixing what isn't broken?

Not according to CAS leader Mike Bair, executive vice president, Commercial

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