Boeing Frontiers
May 2002 
Volume 01, Issue 01 
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Transformation with a passion

Phil Condit
Chairman and CEO

Phil ConditSix years ago we set out to transform Boeing into a broad-based global aerospace company. One that would be less vulnerable to economic cycles or downturns in any one business. One that would provide steady growth and top-tier financial returns. And one that would provide extraordinary opportunities for talented and motivated people. As several of the stories in this inaugural edition of Boeing Frontiers attest, we are well on our way to realizing this vision for our future.

What has carried us this far, I believe, is what all great companies have in common: strong, robust strategies, and superb execution.

We have a simple, yet powerful business strategy: run healthy core businesses, leverage our strengths into new products and services, and open new frontiers. We are doing each of these. On the whole, our three core businesses - Commercial Airplanes, Military Aircraft and Missile Systems, and Space and Communications - are performing better than ever before. We are working on exciting new products and services that will shape the 21st Century as forcefully as we shaped the 20th Century. These include unmanned air vehicles, the Sonic Cruiser, missile defense, integrated battlespace technologies, and more. Our financing business, Boeing Capital Corporation, is growing rapidly but prudently. And we are stepping into new frontiers with the broadband capabilities of Connexion by Boeing and our advanced, satellite-based approach to Air Traffic Management.

It is simply an exciting time to be in aerospace, to be in business, and to be part of this great company.

Since we began this journey, much about Boeing has changed. We are significantly larger in terms of revenues, but we operate leaner and more efficiently. We are more global, and more competitive. We are more disciplined, and better managed. And we are attuned to the realities of doing business in markets with very aggressive competitors where we must act quickly and decisively or risk falling behind.

Through it all, one thing about us has remained constant: our passion to connect and protect people. From Australia to Anaheim, Seattle to St. Louis, Philadelphia to Frankfurt, Boeing employees pour their hearts and souls into connecting and protecting the world. Thatís the way it has been Ö and the way it will remain. It is a high calling. It demands our utmost attention. It requires us to work closely together as teams, continuously learn and grow, respect one another, and constantly strive to improve our performance to position ourselves for future growth and opportunity.

I have a profound belief that this corporation has two essential assets: a great global brand and the enormous intellectual capital of our people. None of our past achievements would have been possible without the tremendous efforts of Boeing employees. And every employee's energy and expertise will be required to accomplish our future goals.

From May 6 through May 16, I'll be visiting more than two dozen Boeing sites to celebrate the achievements of our employee teams and highlight the tremendous diversity of aerospace products and services that are now part of our company. There's nothing more energizing in my job than seeing the great things that we do, and talking to the great people that do them.

As the events of Sept. 11 taught us, there's no better time than the present to share what we think with those around us. So, to each and every Boeing employee, I say "thank you" for all that you do to support this great company. You are the fuel for our transformation. Your ideas and your energy are our inspiration. Your passion to connect and protect the world will ensure our continued success.
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