Boeing Frontiers
May 2002 
Volume 01, Issue 01 
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Dagnon retires; 'People' remain his lifelong passion

Dagnon retiresWhen Jim Dagnon retires from Boeing on May 1, it'll be five years to the day from when this top "People" person first joined the company. That was by design. Before coming to Boeing as senior vice president of People, Dagnon never planned to take another full-time job. He'd just helped engineer the successful merger of Burlington Northern and Santa Fe railroads and built his retirement home outside Ft. Worth, Texas ... Then one Friday, he got an executive recruiter's call.


From the B-17 to lasers, Al's been there

Al's been thereEmployees and suppliers work together to transform the 737/757 production system

In June 2002, Al Seifert will have the longest service record of any current employee who started at Boeing - 60 years. He is one of only four people in the company today with 60 or more years of service. Seifert joined The Boeing Company in January 1942 as a mechanic, installing components on the B-17. He was paid 62-1/2 cents per hour.


Long Beach marathoners get the gold

Long Beach marathonersThe first marathon runner, the Greek warrior Phidippides, is said to have dropped dead from exhaustion after dashing 26.2 miles to Athens with word that a marauding Persian army was headed toward the city. He had also run to Sparta and back, a distance of 280 miles (with warning), and then fought a pitched battle in full armor that week, so perhaps his death was a case of too much rather than too little.


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