Boeing Frontiers
May 2002 
Volume 01, Issue 01 
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Acronym Acrobats
It means "as soon as possible," right? Yes, but, according to Boeing Library Service's acronym search, it also could mean the following:

ASARC Army Systems Acquisition Review Council
Accelerated Strike Aircraft Program
Advanced Sensor Application Program
Advanced Supersonic All-Purpose Dispenser
Advanced Survival Avionics Program
Advanced Symbolic Artwork Preparation
Advanced Systematic Analysis Production
Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel
Aircraft Structural Integrity Plan
Aircraft Synthesis Analysis Program
Aircrew Systems Advisory Panel
Airplane Safety Awareness Process
Annular Suspension and Pointing System
Antisubmarine Attack Plotter
Army Scientific Advisory Panel
Automated Standards Application Program
Automated Statistical Analysis Program
Auxiliary Storage and Playback System
Avionics Sensor Adaptive Planner

This is a good one to get you excited for the weekend, but it also can mean the following:

Terminal Guidance Indirect Fire
Transportable Ground Control Intercept Facility

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