Boeing Frontiers
October 2002 
Volume 01, Issue 06 
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1,000,000 and counting1,000,000 and counting

Boeing Spectrolab Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of space solar cells, has reached an unprecedented industry milestone by producing more than one million multijunction gallium arsenide solar cells.

“I am proud of our team’s accomplishment in delivering over one million advanced solar cells and the quarter-megawatt of power they provide to operating spacecraft using this technology,” said David Lillington, president of Spectrolab. “This is a direct reflection of our ability to continuously improve our technology and provide our customers with high-quality, competitive power system design choices.”


It is rocket science!

It is rocket science!There’s a reason they call it rocket science.

The first Boeing Delta IV rocket stands at the launch pad because of the dedication to excellence and sheer brain power that thousands of Boeing men and women across the country have brought to its design, construction and test efforts and, now, to the launch preparations for the program’s first satellite customer, Eutelsat.

Rocket scientists, in particular, have led the way from conception to imminent launch. This multidisciplined team, called Flight Systems, based in Huntington Beach, Calif., is staffed with 80 such scientists, who each day traffic in terms such as “Telemetry Ripple Voltage,” “Computational Fluid Dynamics,” “Reynolds Numbers,” “Continuum Vector/Tensor Mechanics,” “High Order Determinants,” and “Phase Plane Switch Lines.”


Volunteering to win/winVolunteering to win/win

The hot sun was beaming on my face … my heart was beating faster than ever,” said Lee White, a Boeing employee volunteer at the Special Olympics. “Drops of sweat from my forehead ran down my cheeks as I continuously struggled to pull myself up and over this high wall. What was I thinking … could I really pull this off? I kept telling myself that I had to do it. Sandy was counting on me.”

This is one of many volunteer stories from Boeing employees who always give their best. Working as volunteers, they say, has made a positive impact in their lives.


Boeing boost for NASA safety campaign

Nasa PhotoBoeing is joining forces this month with NASA’s Space Flight Awareness program in launching a national safety awareness campaign that takes a fresh approach to the time-honored values on which the program was founded.

From its beginning 40 years ago, the Space Flight Awareness program has dedicated itself to making sure employees and subcontractors involved in the space flight program are aware of the important role they have in promoting astronaut safety and mission success in the difficult task of flying humans in space.




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