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October 2002 
Volume 01, Issue 06 
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Boeing boost for NASA safety campaign

NASA PHOTOBoeing is joining forces this month with NASA’s Space Flight Awareness program in launching a national safety awareness campaign that takes a fresh approach to the time-honored values on which the program was founded.

From its beginning 40 years ago, the Space Flight Awareness program has dedicated itself to making sure employees and subcontractors involved in the space flight program are aware of the important role they have in promoting astronaut safety and mission success in the difficult task of flying humans in space.

Amanda Gray, who works in Communications for Boeing Integrated Defense Systems’ NASA Systems, provided the slogan, “We Have Friends in High Places,” as the program’s first official safety theme.

“I’m hoping it will speak to a lot of people and remind them that everyone is equally important in the safety of each mission,” Gray said. “No matter what our role in the space program, the astronauts flying the missions are counting on our knowledge and diligence to keep them safe.”

Her slogan will be an integral part of a safety awareness campaign that NASA will present to the 80,000 employees and subcontractors who support human space flight programs.


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