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October 2002 
Volume 01, Issue 06 
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New Boeing Business Jets are delivered to customers “green,” or without main cabin furnishings, sophisticated entertainment systems or exterior paint. They then are flown to one of several completion centers located around the world for installation of highly-customized main cabin interiors.

Completions take between five and eight months, depending on complexity. Teams of skilled craftsmen painstakingly build cabin interiors using lightweight materials, fabrics and carpets that have been certified to stringent international airworthiness safety standards, including burn resistance.

This interior, installed by Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg, Germany, now is flying for NetJets Inc., a Woodbridge, N.J.-based firm. NetJets manages and operates a fleet of almost 500 business airplanes for charter or for single or joint owners who purchase a fractional share of the airplane. NetJets has seven similarly configured BBJs in its fleet and with orders and options for a total of up to 29. All told, Boeing has orders for 83 BBJs, and 52 completed BBJs are in service.



With a table seating up to six in plush, reclining seats, the conference area occupies the forward section of this BBJ’s 79-foot-long, 11.6-foot-wide main cabin. Many seats swivel and move on tracks. A video screen mounted on the forward bulkhead can be used to view satellite TV, videos, or a presentation that dynamically maps aircraft position, speed and estimated arrival time based on navigation data from the flight deck’s Global Positioning System. On one end of the divan an installed wine cooler can hold up to six bottles of wine, while 16 more can be stored in a rack next to it.


VIP lavatory

The luxurious on-board lavatory has a specially-designed shower stall that supplies water only when infrared sensors confirm a person is in the shower. The jet has a recirculating water system and carries up to 700 liters (185 gallons). Some VIP airplanes, including NetJets’ BBJs, are equipped with a second lavatory located next to the private office with shower facilities for further passengers.





The galley features two ovens, two coffee makers, an espresso machine and two ice-coolers. With a fully-booked passenger manifest it can supply two main hot meals as well as various snacks. The galley stores 200 or more beverage cans. This BBJ configuration can transport up to 18 passengers, plus two pilots and three flight attendants.






This airplane’s lounge area is designed for easy conversation and will accommodate nine passengers for takeoff and 10 during flight. Generous personal space at each seat facilitates reading, laptop computer use or watching a near-by 42-inch plasma screen. NetJets BBJs are equipped with a satellite system that can receive up to 400 TV channels.




VIP stateroom features a queen-size bed and a state of the art audio and video entertainment system. Business jets such as this BBJ also can be equipped with Connexion by Boeing, permitting inflight connectivity to the Internet, company intranets and e-mail. Some business jets are equipped with dedicated exercise rooms.

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