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August 2003
Volume 02, Issue 04
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The Boeing of Tomorrow


A convenient way to stay e-healthy

BoeingWellnessThe new Boeing e-health portal——provides interactive, private, and user-friendly health information where people are increasingly looking for it: on the Internet. By visiting the site, employees and their families worldwide gain free access to the knowledge and experience of 2,800 doctors, researchers, and specialists at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic.

"The research shows that the majority of people with Internet access use it to search for health-related information," said Michael Brennan, manager of the Boeing Wellness program. "But they are concerned about the reliability of what they find.


Building a one-stop, one-PIN ‘HR store’ online

my.boeing.comRecently moved? Update your home address online in one place for all pay and benefits. Have a question about jury duty? Get the details online. Want to know your current sick leave balance and see information about the company sick leave policy? You can do that online, too—and, best of all, you only have to visit one site.

Your front door to information and services is, the Boeing employee portal that gives you a personalized view of the information that means most to you. It is your launching pad to a variety of knowledge, including company news briefs, handy reference documents, the latest retirement savings fund values, and even weather forecasts and local traffic maps.


A step back in virtual timeA step back in virtual time

It started by transmitting data via telegraph in 1916 to help sell bi-planes to military customers in Washington, D.C. Then, as B-17s darkened the skies over Europe during World War II, computer technologies advanced almost as quickly as aviation science. On one front, electronic methods developed to break codes changed forever the way we transmit information. On another, the ability of the computer to store and process large quantities of data pioneered early guidance systems and helped process change data as bombers streamed from hangar doors.


Exostar, eBuy lead the way to 21st century business

Reverse auctions, rapid data "pipelines," electronic purchase orders and virtual team rooms. Sound high-tech? You bet. Working together with suppliers, partners and customers, the eBuy@Boeing team designed these innovative products—as well as others—to e-enable Boeing to work in the electronic aerospace industry marketplace.

The new tools and services—designed by the program and other business units—shave hours off process times and also provide Boeing an efficient means of communicating with suppliers and business partners, resulting in lower cost and reduced cycle time.


Trust and good relationships key in a virtual workplace

Trust and good relationships key in a virtual workplaceExperience smoothes rough roads.

Once you've gone virtual, you don't want to go back. A brief Boeing Frontiers sampling of experienced Boeing virtual workers shows many find it beneficial.

Andy Miller, director, Computing Infrastructure Services Integrated Defense Systems, lives in Arizona and for a little more than two years has led a virtual team with members in Southern California, Alabama, Texas, Florida and Arizona. The group recently expanded to about 400 people with additional members in Wichita, Kan., Colorado and the Washington, D.C., area.



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