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August 2003
Volume 02, Issue 04
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A Capital Deal

A Capital DealThe air transportation industry has always been about reaction time. Acquiring the most accurate information and making the best use of it in the timeliest fashion is the key in every facet.

Pilots must have the most up-to-date information about their aircraft, including the weather and knowing the air traffic control situation, in order to fly as efficiently and safely as possible. Mechanics need to know the condition of the airplanes coming to their sites and how best to address the problems those airplanes have. Airline flight operations centers need to know that they will have the aircraft and crew they need in the right places for upcoming flights. Ground operations need to know where to bring fuel and catering items to service their gates. And passengers need to know what they are supposed to do if their flight is delayed or they are rerouted.


How Ryanair makes the 'green'

How Ryanair makes the 'green'Whether it was the luck of the draw or simply Irish luck, for eight Boeing employees it was an opportunity of a lifetime—a business trip to Ireland, courtesy of the Irish airline Ryanair.

It all began in Seattle, Wash., at an employee event sponsored by Ryanair and the Boeing 737 airplane program. The sponsors blindly selected employees' names out of a pool of 100, and mine was one of them.




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