Boeing Frontiers
March 2003
Volume 01, Issue 10
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Can-do Cummings

Can-do CummingsIf you want something done, tell Darold Cummings he can't do it.

''It's never been done'' is a poetic phrase to the Phantom Works Technical Fellow, whether it applies to a revolutionary approach for vertical lift or a winning design for his 8-year-old's pinewood race car.

Originator of 20 patents, and one of the company's top inventors, Cummings is in constant pursuit of a new way to build just about anything faster or better (faster is always better in his lexicon).


Under the Sea

Under the SeaIdling off Mexico's Guadalupe Island in the turquoise waters of the Pacific, Bruce Wight watched over the side of the 85-foot ship Horizon as dorsal fins circled past.

Wight and other passengers had caught 60-pound Yellow Fin tuna earlier in the day and strung them overboard on lines to tantalize Great White sharks.

Wight, a Shared Services project engineer in Seal Beach, Calif., climbed into an aluminum cage suspended from the boat's side. Hooked up to a breathing apparatus, Wight and the others with him could stay underwater for hours watching the 10- to 14-foot beasts devour the hang bait.



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