Boeing Frontiers
October 2003
Volume 02, Issue 06
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Focus on Finance
Plotting out future performance

Plotting out future performance The current year still has one more quarter to go, but people across the enterprise are currently busy looking at the future. As is normally the case this time of year, Boeing is compiling its long-range business plan, a key report that the company uses to assess its financial performance and outline its internal expectations for shareholder value creation.

Boeing uses the long-range business plan to guide its future business performance, not only from a corporate perspective but also from an individual business-unit standpoint, said David Ramey, vice president of Financial Planning and Analysis. Through the plan, Boeing effectively sets targets for its business performance. The plan is also a key input into external guidance Boeing Investor Relations provides to the financial community. The efforts that Boeing people put into meeting these targets, through cost containment, revenue generation and increased efficiencies, can help boost not only the value of the company's stock but also the payouts from performance-based compensation programs such as the Employee Incentive Plan.


ICE team to review business unit forecasts

To further affirm that Boeing's long-range business plan reflects an accurate view of the company's marketplaces and business programs, a newly formed Independent Cost Evaluation team will have involvement in reviewing business units' forecasts for the economic profit they anticipate generating. The ICE team is an objective review team that provides independent assessments of estimates and assumptions for high-leverage programs, investment decisions, and other major business transactions across Boeing.

These business unit projections are eventually integrated into the long-range business plan.

"The goal of ICE is to ensure that financial and operating decisions and forecasts for key Boeing programs reflect a full, balanced view of risks and opportunities. We'll certainly incorporate these perspectives into our business plans," said Russ Evans, the ICE team leader.


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