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October 2003
Volume 02, Issue 06
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New way of Learning Together

New way of Learning TogetherRegional administrators for the Boeing Learning Together Program expect to emerge from behind rows of file cabinets by year's end, as the program goes paperless.

Three major changes are contributing to this unobstructed view: New and current participants must electronically enroll in the program using a new toolkit; participants must digitally sign an agreement stating they understand a new comprehensive policy document; and Boeing will pay tuition only through vouchers or direct billing from the school.

The program already is getting positive feedback about the changes.

"I found it to be user-friendly and easier than the previous process. I am so grateful that Boeing offers the Learning Together Program and supports continuous education," said Julie Raley, a Seattle-based Commercial Airplanes Information Systems program integrator who has earned two business degrees through Learning Together.

"We're quite excited about these enhancements to the program," said Billy Gibbs, Learning Together program manager. "The online processes will reduce our administrative costs and help us to standardize the program across the enterprise. Employees also will notice a time savings through streamlined requirements."

Since 1998, more than 95,000 Boeing employees have participated in the Learning Together Program, a key element in company efforts to promote lifelong learning and one of the most flexible company-paid tuition programs in the world. Employees can study any subject at accredited educational institutions, and Boeing pays the bill.

To enroll with Learning Together, employees now must complete the electronic toolkit that includes a registration/ enrollment form, the reimbursement form for books, software and fees, and tax forms. In addition, participants digitally sign an agreement stating that they understand the new policy document.

Learning Together also is simplifying its tuition payment procedure and no longer will give cash advances to employees. Boeing will pay tuition through a direct bill from the school or a printable voucher that an employee takes to the school bursar or cashier's office. The voucher includes instructions for the school to bill Boeing for tuition and required fees.

To learn more about the changes, view the "10 Minute Trainer" available on the program's updated site on the Boeing intranet, at


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