December 2004/January 2005 
Volume 03, Issue 8 
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Bringing home the brand

the Boeing Store in St. LouisThe promise of refreshments and prizes drew visitors into the newly remodeled Boeing Store in St. Louis during its grand reopening in October. But it was the opportunity to view authentic aviation artifacts and take home their own piece of an aerospace legend that kept them there.

The St. Louis location is the latest of six Boeing Stores to undergo an upgrade designed to make shopping more efficient and enjoyable. An extensive remodeling added 1,000 square feet (90 square meters) of new retail space, upgraded the décor and fixtures, and improved traffic flow and display space. The result: a store that's as much an aerospace experience as a shopping venue.

"We completely changed the look and feel of the store," said James Moe, national sales manager. The store has "a lot of interactive features," he said, including six plasma screens showing aviation videos and a model wall that runs the length of the store and encompasses most of the product line.


The Renton, Wash., team, the 2004 Grand Champion title in this year’s “Moonshine War”Renton team wins '04 Moonshine War

The Renton, Wash., team earned the 2004 Grand Champion title in this year's "Moonshine War," held Nov. 12. The event, hosted by Commercial Airplanes' Lean Enterprise Office, is a friendly competition in which teams develop solutions for real manufacturing problems encountered at various sites. Renton team leader Warren Bayard (holding the microphone) explains the team's solution to judges, while teammates Willie White (from left), Ken Bundren, Greg Richardson, Jeff Stewart and Kim Cherban demonstrate their "Low-Ride Lifter," a device created to load parts, kits and seats up to a 777 door. The device supports the 777 factory vision of a moving assembly line.


Boeing President and CEO Harry Stonecipher was one of about 18,000 employees who recently received new badges that include "G" (former government employee) and/or "N" (new employee) conflict-of-interest indicators. The indicators are visual reminders that help ensure Boeing and its employees avoid potential conflicts of interest and remind employees to do the right thing for Boeing and each other.

Stonecipher, who retired from Boeing in June 2002 and returned to take his present post in December 2003, has an "N" indicator on his badge because his most recent hire date is on or after Jan. 1, 2002.

Global Staffing, part of Boeing Shared Services Group, is responsible for implementing the conflict-of-interest badge indicators. Boeing employees can read more about COI badge indicators at on the Boeing Web.


You can reach the Office of Ethics & Business Conduct at 1-888-970-7171; Mail Code: 14-14; Fax: 1-888-970-5330; TDD/TTY: 1-800-617-3384; e-mail: People with access to the Boeing internal network can find more information at:


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