September 2004 
Volume 03, Issue 5 
New and Notable

Employee Satisfaction Index scores new highs

Employees increasingly say Boeing is a great place to work and that the company is making the changes necessary to compete, according to results of the company's 2004 Employee Survey. (To see how some programs and sites have used previous Employee Survey results to shape plans and improve conditions, click here.)

The data also helped show that Boeing people who regularly participate in performance feedback, goal-setting and career development discussions with their managers report higher levels of job satisfaction.

Overall, Boeing's 2004 Employee Satisfaction Index increased to a record score of 60, up two percentage points from last year's results. The ESI measures responses to 12 key workplace questions in the annual survey. When asked "Is Boeing a great place to work?," employee response increased by five percentage points to a 60-percent positive rating.


Members of Maroon 5Top rock band checks out 717

The chart-topping rock band Maroon 5 stopped by the Boeing Long Beach (Calif.) Commercial Division recently to take a close look at the 717 passenger jet. "This would be great for a five-week European tour we have coming up this fall," said bassist Mickey Madden. "I don't suppose you'd take a slightly used tour bus as a trade-in, would you? I think your plane is absolutely great. This would be traveling in style!" Photos taken of the band with the 717 will be appearing in various national magazines later this year. Maroon 5 also recently did a video for their hit "She Will Be Loved" with actress Kelly Preston, wife of actor and 707-owner John Travolta.



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