September 2004 
Volume 03, Issue 5 

"Boeing's factories are more efficient than at any time in its history."

-Richard Aboulafia, an aerospace analyst at Teal Group, in the Aug. 8 issue of Business Week

"It was amazing. Now I don't have to stress out before every flight."

-Attorney Ortwin Freyermuth, who recently used the Connexion by Boeing in-flight high-speed Internet service aboard a Lufthansa German Airlines flight from Munich to Los Angeles, in the Aug. 8 New York Times. The Times said Freyermuth typically spends the moments before such a trip sending a flurry of last-minute e-mail messages, in anticipation of traveling incommunicado.

"The simple fact is that the 7E7 will be more fuel-efficient than the [Airbus] A380 or any other Airbus product. This is what [Alan Thein] Durning should take pride in. The 7E7 team certainly does."

-Walt Gillette, Commercial Airplanes vice president, Engineering, Manufacturing and Partner Alignment, 7E7 Program, in an Aug. 5 Seattle Times letter to the editor. Gillette responded to an opinion piece by Alan Thein Durning, executive director of Northwest Environment Watch, claiming that the A380 is more efficient in energy use per passenger mile than the 7E7.


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