February 2005 
Volume 03, Issue 9 
New and Notable

Tremendous community support

An Indonesian woman drinks clean, treated waterBoeing employees and retirees around the world responded quickly and generously to December's devastating undersea earthquake and resulting tsunami that has claimed more than 150,000 lives in Southeast Asia-a natural disaster that observers say will require the largest relief effort ever mobilized.

At press time, Boeing employees and retirees had donated nearly $1,301,087 to CARE, Mercy Corps and the American Red Cross via the Employees Community Fund. The company will be matching these contributions until Feb. 28-dollar for dollar for employees and 50 cents on the dollar for retired employees who are under The Boeing Company Employee Retirement Plan.

Employees and retirees can contribute by personal check. Employees can also use credit cards (non-U.S. employees are encouraged to make credit card donations to avoid exchange rate problems). Additional information is available on the Boeing Web at http://community.web.boeing.com/ecf_news_010405.cfm. Donations made directly to a nonprofit other than ECF will not be eligible for gift matching; only donations to ECF will be matched.



Boeing employees (including those at Boeing subsidiaries) and retirees now can take advantage of several improvements to The Boeing Company Matching Gift Program.

The enhancements, which went into effect Jan. 1, include:

. Employees now have the option of making gift matches online. They also can download paper forms from the Boeing Web (at http://community.web.boeing.com/giftmatching) to complete manually and mail in as a hard copy. (The online option is not available to Boeing retirees, but it is planned for the near future.) The downloadable paper forms have been revised; any gifts submitted after Jan. 1 using the old paper forms will be returned to the donor, and the gift will not be matched until a new form is resubmitted.


Harry Stonecipher and Lew Platt signing their Code of Conduct formsSign of commitment

Boeing President and CEO Harry Stonecipher (left) and Chairman Lew Platt signed their Code of Conduct forms last month during the annual Boeing Leadership Meeting in Rancho Mirage, Calif. The signing kicked off the companywide Code of Conduct certification process. All Boeing employees are expected to read the Code of Conduct and sign a form certifying they understand the code and will continue to comply with it. "We do this because it's a best practice that reminds us of how we're expected to act throughout the year," Stonecipher said. "It's a tangible commitment to our customers, to each other and to our other stakeholders. The signing process offers each of us an opportunity to affirm the Boeing core value of integrity."


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