July 2005 
Volume 04, Issue 3 
Commercial Airplanes

The right climateThe right climate

Many have heard the jokes and quips about the reliability of weather forecasting, or have railed against the local TV weathercaster after a golf outing unexpectedly got washed out. While forecasting may not always go exactly as planned, predicting the weather is serious business for Jeppesen, a Boeing subsidiary.

The 14 aviation meteorologists at Jeppesen's office in San Jose, Calif., make up a diverse group of dedicated professionals with a common thread—a passion for the weather.


Sharing Lean

Sharing LeanThree years ago, travel to Israel and much of the Middle East had fallen into a slump. It was essential for El Al Israel Airlines to economize. Reluctant to compromise the airline's capabilities and service by making cutbacks that would have to be restored when demand for travel rebounded, El Al asked its economic consultants to look into solutions. The consultants suggested Lean.

At first, some in the airline were skeptical, said Shay Abrahamy, manager of Planning and Development for Maintenance & Engineering at El Al. "There's plenty of evidence that Lean works in a production environment, but the airline maintenance environment is quite different," he said.



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