July 2005 
Volume 04, Issue 3 

"The future begins now."

—Chris Chadwick, Boeing F/A-18 Program vice president, speaking about the next-generation, Block II capabilities currently being incorporated on the fighter aircraft, at a June 15 Paris Air Show media briefing.

"From everything we've seen of the A350, we like the 787's chances just fine."

—Scott Carson, vice president, Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, in the June 10 Wall Street Journal.

"If that is the case, then the only reason to seek European taxpayer launch aid is either to obtain an unfair competitive advantage or because Airbus' financial situation is not as favorable as they claim."

—John Douglass, president of the Aerospace Industries Association of America, commenting on Airbus claims that it does not require launch aid to develop the A350, in the June 10 Financial Times.


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