June 2005 
Volume 04, Issue 2 
New and Notable

Using energy to save on energy

Using energy to save on energyMost people would love to find ways to shrink their home utility bills. With its annual energy costs estimated at $250 million, Boeing would like to shrink its bill too. Teams of employees around the company are making it happen by taking part in Energy Accelerated Improvement Workshops.

EAIWs are based on the Accelerated Improvement Workshop process Boeing uses to make rapid improvements, eliminate waste and improve efficiency in manufacturing and office environments. Teams of people who work in an area audit the tasks and processes performed, look for improvement opportunities, and make changes.


Library joins the new 'Millennium'

MillenniumSearching the Boeing Library for a full-text NASA report or a Boeing D-series document is now faster and more efficient, thanks to Millennium, the new library catalog system.

Millennium improves response time, allows employees to build custom bibliographies, provides better results from search strategies, and gives employees more control over their library account.



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