June 2005 
Volume 04, Issue 2 
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From satisfaction … to engaged

From satisfaction … to engagedIt's intuitive. Employees who are well-informed, involved in decisions that affect their jobs, and are passionate about their work are more than just "satisfied." They are also more productive, and their ideas and energy help companies achieve stronger financial and operating performance.

Today, that intuition's been quantified. Human resources professionals have clearly established a link between highly engaged employees and profitability. In one study, Hewitt Associates, a global human resources consultancy, found that companies in which at least 60 percent of their workforce was engaged showed an impressive average total shareholder return of 20.2 percent between 1999 and 2003. This was significantly higher than the average results generated from companies with a less-engaged workforce.


Similarities among successful sitesSimilarities among successful sites

Why did some Boeing sites fare better than others in past Employee Surveys? It's not because of chance or luck.

Using 2003 Employee Survey data, the company conducted an internal study and found that there were key practices common among high-scoring locations. The value of these practices was further validated against external sources.




Let's take action

The Boeing Employee Survey and Employee Satisfaction Index have existed in their current form for 10 years.

But a 2004 review of the survey indicated there was a lot of variability in the process, and the rate of improvement in survey scores was unsatisfactory.



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