June 2005 
Volume 04, Issue 2 
Around Boeing

the final Boeing 757Last 757 airplane leaves the nest

Boeing delivered the final Boeing 757, a 757-200, to Shanghai Airlines on April 28. The airplane was the 1,050th built in the company's Renton, Wash., factory. Boeing leaders made the decision to end production of the model in late 2003, determining the increased capabilities of the newest 737s and the potential of the all-new Boeing 787 fulfilled the 757 market's needs.

The 757 entered production in 1981, and the first 757-200 rolled out of the factory on Jan. 13, 1982. Boeing delivered the first model to launch customer Eastern Airlines on Dec. 22, 1982. Since then, the 757 fleet has flown more than 35 million hours and became known for its fuel efficiency and clean and quiet operation. More than 1,030 757 airplanes remain in service today. The 757 is one of only seven large commercial jetliner models to have sold more than 1,000 units.

Boeing, Lockheed Martin to combine rocket programs

In a move intended to assure the U.S. government reliable access to space by two providers at the lowest possible cost, Boeing and Lockheed Martin said last month they agreed to create a joint venture that will combine their respective Delta and Atlas rocket programs.

According to the companies, the joint venture, United Launch Alliance, is expected to save the government between $100 million and $150 million in costs, based upon initial estimates. ULA will be a 50-50 joint venture and is expected to have about 3,800 employees, including 2,300 from Boeing. Under the terms of the joint venture, Boeing's Delta and Lockheed Martin's Atlas rockets will continue to be available as alternatives on individual launch missions.

ULA headquarters and engineering will be in Denver, manufacturing primarily in Decatur, Ala., and launch operations in both Florida and California. The agreement between Boeing and Lockheed is subject to government and regulatory approval in the United States and internationally. Completion of the combination is expected by year-end.

the new Virtual Warfare Center in St. LouisNew Virtual Warfare Center opens in St. Louis

Boeing's new $25 million Virtual Warfare Center in St. Louis made its debut May 9 with a simulated fighter jet blasting through a massive virtual ribbon. The 70,000-square-foot (6,503-square-meter) facility opens the door to greater collaboration between Boeing Integrated Defense Systems teammates and military experts by fusing together live and virtual military systems into highly realistic, large-scale operator-in-the-loop simulations of military threats today and in the future.

The VWC's customers "have learned a lot about requirements, tactics, techniques and procedures against air threats," said Bob Schraeder, director of the VWC. "And in watching them learn and adapt, we in Boeing have learned a lot about immersing warfighters in a network-centric environment for capability-driven solutions. This facility is the result."


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