March 2005 
Volume 03, Issue 10 
Focus on Finance

James BellAim at the targets

Boeing people traditionally use Economic Profit as an important financial measure to assess how the business is faring. But as part of an evolution of the financial management of the enterprise, Boeing is moving toward a more balanced approach that involves four performance metrics, rather than just one.

These metrics, collectively known as the Enterprise Financial Targets (EFT), provide a common set of financial goals that encourage everyone at Boeing to focus on increasing and sustaining value. In addition, they're measures that are commonly understood by the financial community. That lets Boeing use the same terms to talk with external and internal audiences.


Want to know more about EFT? This Boeing Web site's on target

Want to learn more about Boeing Enterprise Financial Targets? Check out the new EFT site on the Boeing Web. It's a one-stop shop for Boeing employees seeking information, instruction and resources about company-wide financial performance goals that are designed to drive sustained value creation through balanced financial management.

Whether it's reducing cycle time, cutting costs, improving quality or generating innovative ideas for new products or markets, Boeing employees at all levels play a key role in driving performance against these targets. Materials on the site—including leadership messages, online training and interactive calculators—will help employees learn more about EFT and understand how the targets drive behaviors required to ensure the world's leading aerospace company is also a world leader in financial performance and creating value for shareholders. Visitors can also submit a personal story about how they or their team are contributing to helping ensure Boeing meets the targets.


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