March 2005 
Volume 03, Issue 10 
New and Notable

Consistent employee support

U.S. EAP offerings are now standardized; services include legal, financial counseling

Whether employees need help recovering from traumatic events, advice on handling day-to-day stress at work, or someone to talk to about family issues, the Boeing Employee Assistance Program has counselors available to provide support on a wide range of issues.

EAP highlights

The Boeing Employee Assistance Program offers services to Boeing employees and their dependents (including spouses and children). The program’s highlights include

Counseling: Participants are allowed up to six sessions of counseling—per problem per year at no cost—for personal issues that can be resolved within a short-term period.

Legal and financial services: Participants can receive up to 30 minutes per person per issue each year of financial or legal consultation on a wide range of issues.

Around-the-clock coverage: The EAP call center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 1-866-719-5788. On-site EAP counselors are available during regular business hours at some locations. Generally, counseling providers in the community have appointments available during evening hours.

Crisis coverage: While the majority of EAP services relate to issues of everyday life, the program is available for support in times of tragedy such as workplace accidents, coworker deaths, and natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and wildfires. For example, in the aftermath of the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy in 2003, the EAP provided 129 “group trauma debriefings” at affected sites. More than 1,000 employees attended these sessions.

For more information, employees may visit the EAP site at or call 1-866-719-5788.






EAP support is available to employees throughout Boeing. However, until recently, there were some differences in eligibility and service offerings at various locations.

To help standardize the program and expand services, Boeing has arranged for the organization ValueOptions to provide EAP services for all Boeing employees living and working in the United States.

Those services include not only short-term counseling and referral for personal problems, but also legal and financial consultation (see story at right), as well as resources and information available at the EAP site on the Boeing Web (http://eap.

“One of the key elements of our business strategy is focusing on common processes and systems,” said Pam French, director of Global Employee Benefits.

“Moving to a single provider for the Employee Assistance Program in the United States will allow us to offer consistent and broader services, streamline and standardize the EAP process, and expand eligibility,” French added.

ValueOptions has been in partnership with Boeing since 1994, when it began to offer comprehensive EAP services to St. Louis employees. The organization’s relationship with the company has expanded over the years, covering half of Boeing employees by 2001.

Many locations have been working with ValueOptions for some time and will not experience any change as a result of this contract.

However, employees in El Segundo, Torrance and Sylmar, Calif.; Wichita, Kan.; Philadelphia; and the Puget Sound area of Washington state will experience some enhancements to EAP services.

If you’re outside the United States

The International Employee Assistance Program covers U.S. employees who are currently on international assignment, as well as their accompanying dependents. Expatriates can contact M. Ellen Walsh, program manager of Boeing’s National/International EAP, by telephone at +1-425-237-3803, or via the Boeing operator; or by e-mail at




EAP services are available to Boeing employees and their dependents (including spouses and children). The program offers around-the-clock coverage, and multiple backup counselors are available for crisis situations.

Since its inception in the mid-1970s, the EAP program has grown significantly. In 2003, Boeing’s EAP provided more than 14,000 hours of face-to-face counseling to employees and their dependents.

For complete details, employees may visit the EAP site at or call 1-866-719-5788.

How EAP meant dollars and sense

Loretta Kalibak chatting with Ron Lee“I’m a believer.” That’s what Loretta Kalibak, an Employee Relations specialist for Boeing in Southern California, said of the financial counseling service provided free of charge through the Boeing Employee Assistance Program. “What I learned using this service saved me a bundle,” she added.

Kalibak, who was considering refinancing her home mortgage, had been referred by an acquaintance to a mortgage company manager. The manager hastily put together a “great deal” for Kalibak—a deal he said she could secure only by signing on the dotted line that very day.

Alarmed by his pressure tactics, Kalibak decided she wanted a second opinion. She called the EAP and was put in touch immediately with a financial counselor who specializes in mortgage financing. “I spent an eye-opening 30 minutes on the phone with the counselor, and I came away ready to make an informed decision about my mortgage,” she said. “In the end, my results were much better than the ‘great deal’ offered by the mortgage company manager.”

Boeing employees and spouses can receive up to 30 minutes per person per issue each year of financial consultation through the EAP’s Legal and Financial Solutions service. Sessions with financial professionals are available on a wide range of issues, including retirement planning, investment strategies, and debt and credit concerns.

Kalibak said the counselor was a knowledgeable, neutral party—not someone trying to get her mortgage business. “And getting his professional advice didn’t cost me a nickel,” she added.

Through the EAP’s Legal and Financial Solutions service, employees and dependents can also get up to 30 minutes per person per issue each year of free consultation with a lawyer about a variety of issues, including consumer rights and family law concerns.

“Based on the great experience I had with the EAP’s financial services,” Kalibak said, “this year I intend to use the legal services as well.”

To learn more, employees may visit the EAP site at or call 1-866-719-5788.

—Cynthia Pulham



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