April 2006 
Volume 04, Issue 11 
Letters to the Editor

A good crop of BlackBerrys

My son works at the Boeing site in Long Beach, Calif. He sent me the article about the BlackBerrys given to deaf employees at your Boeing Winnipeg facility in Canada (February 2006). I'm writing to say that I think this is a wonderful thing they have done.

As a mother of an adult deaf son, I was moved to commend your great company for providing this tool to help the deaf workers communicate with hearing employees. I know it helps all involved, but it opens a whole world to the deaf.

I hope other companies will follow this example of caring and compassion your company has shown.

--Brenda Shoemaker, Hemet, Calif.

Is old new again?

March Frontiers coverChange is a good thing. However, with change there is a tendency to forget previous methods, especially as personnel are rotated to various assignments. Present workers with long-term employment remember the recent ways "things were done," but who is available to recall the methods utilized 20 or 30 years ago?

I'll admit that the old ways, whether in manufacturing, engineering or administration, are no longer suitable for today's fast-paced world. However, maybe I'm wrong. What if some of those old methods, materials or lessons learned through trial and error could be adapted to today's environment?

I propose that Boeing invite retirees from the various disciplines to tour their past work areas, then discuss with the employees and determine if there is any knowledge from the "old timers" that is beneficial to today's operations.

--Jerry Goldberg, St. Louis

Lessons learned still apply

I've always believed that every citizen has a responsibility to give back something to his or her community. In my part of the world—along Smith Lake in Cullman County, Alabama—I've been helping to do my part. I volunteer for PALS (People Against a Littered State), an organization that brings communities and people together to help keep our state cleaner. I have coordinated an Adopt-A-Mile roadway near my home, lobbied state and local officials for tougher litter laws and educational programs, and worked with local environmental groups. And yes, I personally pick up trash. I'm proud to have had my efforts recognized by our local newspaper, which recently named me one of eight "unsung heroes" in Cullman County.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I may be the only Puget Sound–region Boeing retiree who lives in this area. But I take pride in where I live. That's a feeling that I feel was nurtured during the 36 years that I worked for Boeing, mostly in the Seattle area.

--Bert Jones, Bremen, Ala.

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