April 2006 
Volume 04, Issue 11 
ShareValue Trust

Boeing ShareValue Trust performance

ShareValue Trust is an employee incentive plan that allows eligible employees to share in the results of their efforts to increase shareholder value over the long term. It is also a means for each employee to become an owner of the company. The program--which runs for 14 years and ends in 2010--features seven overlapping investment periods. Each period lasts four years (except Period 1, which expired in 1998 and covered two years). We are currently in Periods 5 and 6. For each fund period, the value of the trust that exceeds 3 percent annual growth is distributed to eligible participants in the form of stock (with partial shares in cash). Participants on non-U.S. payrolls will receive cash in lieu of stock. The trust investment value can grow in two ways: when the market value of Boeing stock increases over the long term, and when shares are added to the trust because dividends have been reinvested. The estimated Period 5 and Period 6 share price thresholds are $47 and $54 respectively.

ShareValue Trust Performance

The two graphs show estimates of what a “full 4-year participant” ShareValue Trust distribution (pre-tax) would be for Periods 5 and 6 if the end-of-period average share prices were the same as the recent price shown.
• Distributions are pro-rated based on the number of months an individual is eligible.
• The share price shown is the average of the day’s high and low New York Stock Exchange prices.
In preparation for the end of Period 5, payout estimates have been updated to reflect current participant/employment data. Updates to this data will be made periodically. Up to this point, the estimates have been made using the actual participant numbers and participant months from the Period 4 distribution.

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