Your Ride Is Here

With Starliner, nothing comes before crew safety. Our vehicle features a mix of innovative technologies, some flight proven and heritage from other Boeing programs and some completely new for Starliner. We built in triple redundancies across critical systems, and we pushed what's possible for safe, efficient and commercial human spaceflight. Welcome to the next 100 years of flight.

Key Innovation 01

Atlas V Rocket

When flying cargo as precious as human life, safety and reliability are paramount. That's why Starliner will launch atop United Launch Alliance's Atlas V rocket, one of the most proven launch vehicles in the world with 100% mission success. The Atlas V has flown everything from critical national security satellites to interplanetary spacecraft, and now it's ready to fly its first crews.

Key Innovation 02

Autonomous Flight

As a 21st century, fully self-flying spacecraft, Starliner will seek out the International Space Station, dock with it, undock and then safely land, all without human intervention. Manual controls, designed in part by Boeing astronaut Chris Ferguson, are always available as a backup, but crew members are intended to be able to enjoy the orbital cruise.

Key Innovation 03

Solid Ground Landing

Launching from U.S. soil. Landing on U.S. soil. Starliner is America's first orbital capsule capable of landing on solid ground, rather than an ocean splashdown. Using an innovative parachute and airbag system, Starliner will land on one of five sites across the western U.S. This allows for quicker access to crew and cargo, as well as makes turning around capsules for other missions more efficient.

Key Innovation 04


As the world's first reusable orbital crew capsule, Starliner's crew modules can fly up to 10 missions. This is in part due to the unique ability to land on land, but Starliner was designed from the ground up to be reusable. Design considerations like an innovative weldless main structure and easily replaceable heat shielding also help engineers and technicians quickly turn Starliner around for missions over and over again.

Key Innovation 05


Astronauts will be leaving Earth and coming back in both comfort and style. Starliner's Boeing Blue spacesuit is about 20% lighter than previous ascent and entry suits and still able to keep crews safe if any emergency situations develop in the cabin. It also features a lightweight, soft-shell-hooded "helmet," comfortable cross-trainer styled boots and touchscreen-sensitive gloves.