Spotlighting: Cicon Engineering

December 08, 2021 in Our Partners

Photo provided by Cicon Engineering

Cicon Engineering is a minority-owned company, and 75 percent of our employees are women. We are also family-owned and many of our employees are related to each other. Cicon was started to fill a need in the industry, and our chief executive officer is an engineer by trade with more than 40 years experience in the industry.

Q: What is your company vision and mission?
A: Cicon is committed to creating products of the highest quality. As a company, we show respect for all of our customers, suppliers and employees. We have created a family environment for all our employees to grow in as the company continues to grow. We bring our employees into the Cicon family, resulting in high quality products that we can all proudly stand behind and that our customers can depend on time after time.

Q: What has been your proudest moment in your company’s history?
Within 5 years of starting our business, we broke into the space industry and established contacts with Prime Contractors.

Q: What Boeing products are associated with your company?
Cicon manufactures cables and harnesses for Boeing.

Q: How does your company exemplify manufacturing excellence?
We are a Boeing preferred supplier with a quality score above 99 percent. We are also AS9100 and NASA certified.

Q: How do you incorporate technologyn and innovation into your company?
We implement new technology that is high in demand and encourage our engineering team to try new technology.

Q: Anything else you want to spotlight about the company?
Cicon works a 9/80 schedule in order to encourage and enable a better work-life balance for our employees.