Spotlighting: Edison Energy

June 22, 2022 in Community

Photo provided by Edison Energy

Edison Energy was recognized with the Sustainability Award at the 2022 Supplier of the Year event. The award is given to a supplier with demonstrated leadership, outstanding performance or successful partnerships in a formal, measurable sustainability program and culture of sustainable leadership.

Q: What should people know about your company?

A: Our business has been centered on helping our clients address the biggest challenges in energy and sustainability today: carbon, cost, complexity of choice, and creating energy equity across communities.

Q: What Boeing products are associated with your company?

A: Renewable energy management and clean energy supply advisory to Boeing, as well as strategic sustainability services.

Q: What is your company vision/mission?

A: Our vision is to create a sustainable, resilient, and equitable net-zero future. We achieve this by empowering our clients with the tools they need to meet their goals, transforming the way they optimize their energy use, and delivering data-driven, integrated decarbonization roadmaps.

Q: What does it mean to be recognized as a Supplier of the Year?

A: We are driven by the power of connection – with our clients, our employees,
and the communities we serve. With this mindset, we see ourselves as an
extension of the Boeing team and are honored to receive this recognition.

Q: What characteristics about your team do you most credit for your company’s achievement?

A: Expertise: We have a strong depth of human expertise and experience, using real data and a client-integrated personal approach to create tailored solutions for our clients. Collaboration: We take a human approach to complex challenges and apply real connections, real people, and real experience to everything we do. Passion: Our mission is to effect real changes within organizations and help our clients succeed in meeting their energy and sustainability goals.

Q: How do you inspire your employees?

A: By focusing on the bigger picture – we are committed to creating a positive environmental and social impact to create a better future for ourselves and those around us. Through philanthropic efforts, open dialogue, and fostering a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and just company culture, we hope to empower our employees to be agents of change in and out of the workplace.

Q: Anything else you want to spotlight?

A: Edison continues to expand its Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) Taskforce and initiatives. We actively implement, participate in, and support a variety of social justice programs and projects across the communities we serve. Within our company, we have implemented a robust DEIJ roadmap and will be launching a comprehensive DEIJ training program with external partners later this year.