Spotlighting: Janicki Industries

November 23, 2021 in Our Partners

Photo provided by Janicki Industries

Janicki Industries is an innovative engineering and manufacturing company that focuses on both the manufacturing of composites and the process to manufacture composites. A core engineering culture and internally developed world-class 5-axis milling machines allow Janicki to take on projects of immense scale and complexity. Our employees do not do the same job day in and day out – the custom projects that we do allow our employees to not be afraid to work outside of their comfort zones and tackle challenging problems.

Q: What is your company vision/mission?
A: Janicki prides itself on being able to offer its customers the right product for their application. This pushes Janicki to be on the cutting edge and test the limits of current technologies and thought processes. Janicki’s mission is to continue making major advances in the aerospace tooling and parts realms.

Q: What has been your proudest moment your company’s history?
 It is very difficult to pinpoint just one moment. Janicki Industries built a part fabrication facility without having a long-term parts contract in place, and the result of that vision / investment led to us landing several flyaway parts fabrication contracts and a full-blown flyaway parts assembly project.

Q: What Boeing products are associated with your company?
 Janicki has supplied Boeing with composite parts, offload machining, all manners of composite and metallic tooling, equipment, full-scale models, and demonstration units, as well as engineering services.

Q: How does your company exemplify manufacturing excellence?
 Janicki can be defined as an engineering and manufacturing company that manufactures things on a large “one-off scale.” The ability to define projects down to their core building blocks allows us to streamline and establish standards and optimize manufacturing processes. With a diverse background in multiple industries, technologies and manufacturing parts and tools, we can understand the entire picture and full needs of a project. These skills allow Janicki to setup a lean structure that is built around highly customized projects with quick turnaround.

Q: What’s an interesting or fun tidbit about the company and/or employees?
 Janicki employees are encouraged to spend time in our R&D lab. In their spare time, we’ve had employees make nearly all the sports gear needed out of carbon fiber for a local multisport relay race called Ski to Sea.

Q: Anything else you want to spotlight about the company:
 While Janicki focuses on aerospace, we do work for many different industries including marine, transportation, energy, and architecture. Not many companies can say they work on aerospace structures and build a customized shark tank for an aquarium at the same time!