As Our Leaders Grow, Our Company Grows.

Boeing people have been the source of our innovation and success for nearly 100 years -- they are our leaders. Their creativity, passion, and desire to develop the next great innovation have made Boeing the world's aerospace leader -- from the 1916 B & W Seaplane and the aerial refueling KC-135 jet tanker, to today's revolutionary 787 Dreamliner and combat-proven F/A-18 Hornet.

Everyone is a leader. And as our people grow as leaders, our company grows. It's that simple.

A foundation of success

Leadership development is the foundation for our continued success at Boeing. Through our disciplined approach to leadership development, guided by leaders at every level of the company, we improve the skills of our people.

A clear path and roadmap

Our path to leadership starts with a common language and common understanding about who we want to be. To establish expectations about how we conduct business, progress as leaders, and lead others, we developed six Leadership Attributes: Chart the Course, Set High Expectations, Inspire Others, Find a Way, Live the Boeing Values, and Deliver Results.

Our roadmap for growth, productivity, and financial performance -- Vision, Leadership Model, and Management Model -- provide direction and goals that set the course, support decision-making, and make the right choices.

Promoting our people

Boeing promotes from within -- in fact, nearly 95 percent of today's senior leaders were promoted from within our workforce. Developing our leadership pipeline is as important to our senior leadership team as is delivering quality products and services to our customers.

Developing our people

Boeing invests $150 million in internal learning programs and $82 million in tuition reimbursement annually at preferred schools and in areas of study strategic to our business.

Our people have a myriad of opportunities to learn and grow as leaders, including daily interactions with leaders, formal and informal mentoring programs, and development programs at the Boeing Leadership Center.

  • Daily interactions: Boeing leaders help our people develop the skills that will accelerate their careers within the company. Each year Boeing vice presidents mentor at least two employees who have the potential to become future leaders.
  • Formal and informal programs: Whether it's taking a new assignment or volunteering in our communities around the world, we never stop learning. Boeing offers training, rotational and development assignments, as well as collaboration tools that help people learn from one another.
  • Boeing Leadership Center: Current and aspiring Boeing leaders may attend programs at the Boeing Leadership Center, where they can team up to share best practices and tackle actual business issues. Boeing vice presidents teach at least two programs at the Boeing Leadership Center annually. By bringing leaders together from around the world, Boeing can accelerate business changes in response to the needs of a global business environment.

For additional information, click here to send an email to the Boeing Leadership Center.