Information Services

Information Services


Innovating Technologies and Creating Insights to Deliver Industry-first Capabilities

Connecting the airplane to the enterprise with innovation and technology

Boeing Information Services partners with customers to create and support the digital airline. Boeing leverages its aviation expertise and airplane technology to connect and integrate data-rich airplanes with airline operations and optimize real-time airline performance.

As a market leader in the information services field, Boeing addresses customers' constant need for integration and optimization of information to enable smart decision-making and improve the operational efficiency of airplanes, airlines and other businesses in the aviation ecosystem. It provides solutions using data, software, analytics, IT infrastructure, and e-commerce - and will connect, integrate, and operate advanced next-generation airplanes.

  • Information Management. Today's airplanes generate large and growing amounts of data. Boeing uses innovative information technology solutions to connect airplanes to data and maximize the efficiency and performance of aviation operations.
  • Real-Time Operation. In today's highly competitive aviation business, Boeing helps customers extract and manage the information they need to keep their airplanes flying safely and efficiently.
  • Internet and e-Commerce Services. Boeing subsidiary Inventory Locator Service provides supply chain solutions for the aviation, defense, and marine industries. gives authorized customers access to the industry's most comprehensive range of support products and services for Boeing commercial aircraft. OEM Services offers tailored customer and product support infrastructure solutions to other aviation OEMs.
  • Aviation Software Solutions. Boeing subsidiary AeroInfo Systems develops managed solutions to help customers meet their unique challenges in operations management.
  • Professional Services. Boeing experts help customers reengineer and improve core business processes, develop and implement robust information management strategies, adopt lean techniques, and manage enterprise IT initiatives.

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