Integrated Services

Integrated Services

Integrating Services for Increased Value

Unparalleled integration to meet our customers' unique needs.

The real power of the Boeing Edge comes from combining services to create effective solutions.

By reaching across our portfolio of material, fleet, flight and information services, we tailor solutions to bring increased value to customer fleets, operations and businesses.

  • GoldCare -GoldCare is a comprehensive recurring fleet maintenance and engineering management service that provides flexible solutions for material management, engineering and maintenance execution, reduces costs, and enhances predictability.
  • Digital Airline -The future of the aviation industry lies in "the digital airline." To succeed in the marketplace, airlines must take advantage of the increasing amount of data coming off of airplanes to maximize efficiency, profitability and environmental performance.
  • Performance-Based Navigation -Boeing has pioneered performance-based navigation (PBN), the advanced air navigation framework on which the future global air traffic management (ATM) system will rely. PBN enables satellite-based precision landing capabilities and advanced fuel-saving flight operations.
  • Aircraft Transition Services -Boeing provides a comprehensive, flexible and reliable suite of services for efficient, low-risk airplane lease returns and transitions. Customers benefit from Boeing airplane design and maintenance expertise and data access, as well as world-class support services from supply chain partners.
  • Professional Services -Boeing offers consultative solutions across a broad array of disciplines and services in the aerospace industry to increase the reliability, performance and efficiency of a customer's operations. Professional Services is able to provide valuable insight to any organization that operates, leases, maintains or services airplanes of any type.
  • Fuel-Efficiency Solutions -Fuel is one of an airline's biggest expenses, so reducing fuel consumption is a high priority for operators. Boeing offers a variety of innovative solutions to help customers fly and maintain their airplanes in ways that reduce fuel consumption, costs and emissions.
  • AOG Solutions -When a Boeing 7-series or MD-series airplane is disabled, Boeing is ready to help return it to revenue service, wherever in the world it happens to be, with 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week dispatch availability. Boeing reacts swiftly to any customer need, working to repair the aircraft to as-new condition as quickly as possible.
  • Airline Performance Management -Boeing provides a robust portfolio of products and services designed to improve an airline's day-to-day operational performance. Boeing can help operators turn available airplane data into useful, actionable information that improves a fleet's operation.

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