C-40C Operational Support and Team Travel Aircraft


C-40C on runway The C-40C is an operational support and team travel aircraft that will significantly increase the Air Force Reserve's capability for rapid response to world-wide team travel and special air mission tasking.

Capabilities and Characteristics

The C-40C is based on the Boeing 737-700 Boeing Business Jet, and includes the following enhancements:

  • Updated 21st century avionics
  • 777-type flight deck with common-display system (includes liquid-crystal displays)
  • CFM56-7 engines (built by CFM International)

  • 27,300 pounds of thrust
  • Higher cruise speed (0.78 to 0.82 Mach)
  • Greater range
  • Noise-reduction improvements (below Stage 3 levels)
  • Greater fuel-efficiency and lower maintenance costs


  • Delivery of first two aircraft: October 2002
  • Delivery of third aircraft: August 2004
  • Air Force orders three additional C-40Cs: Feb. 2005


Because the C-40C is based on the commercially successful 737, it shares a readily available supply of parts, the 737 network of comprehensive field services, and the 737 spares-distribution network. Consequently the C-40C will offer reduced maintenance costs.

For more information, read the C-40C Operational Support and Team Travel Aircraft (PDF) overview.