F-15K - Republic of Korea


F-15K The F-15K strike fighter is the newest variant of the combat-proven F-15E. Equipped with the latest technological upgrades, it is more lethal, survivable, and maintainable than its predecessor.

Flight and Weapon Systems

The F-15K is the only U.S.-produced fighter capable of long-range precision strike missions without escort, day or night, in any weather.

  • Maximum gross takeoff weight and payload: 81,000 pounds and 23,000 pounds
  • Maximum combat radius without refueling: over 1,000 nautical miles (1,800 km)
  • Minimum altitude and maximum speed of terrain-following flight: 600 knots at 100 feet
  • Power: two GE F110 turbofan engines (29,000 lb thrust class with afterburning)
  • A mix of air-to-air weaponry: 20mm cannon; AIM-120, AIM-9, AIM-7, and AGM-130 missiles
  • A mix of air-to-ground ordnance, including precision-guided munitions

Computer and Targeting Systems

The F-15K possesses advanced computer, display, protection, radar, and targeting systems:

  • Avionics suite: Honeywell advanced display core processor (ADCP)
  • Cockpit-display technologies: seven-color liquid-crystal displays, two upfront control panels (flat-panel), joint helmet-mounted cueing system (JHMCS), and wide-field-of-view head-up display
  • On-board protection systems: BAE Systems ALR-56C(v)1 early warning receiver and Northrop Grumman ALQ-135M jammer
  • Radar: Raytheon AN/APG-63(v)1 radar:
    • Air-to-air and air-to-ground modes of APG-70 radar with additional sea-surface searching/tracking, ground-moving target tracking, and enhanced high-resolution ground mapping for long-distance target identification
    • Improved reliability and maintainability
  • Third-generation targeting and navigation systems: forward-looking infrared (FLIR) and infrared search and track (IRST)


The F-15 family has a combat record of 101 victories and zero losses, and the F-15E predecessor flew thousands of combat missions during Operation Desert Storm and in the Balkans.

For more information, read the F-15K Slam Eagle (PDF) overview.

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