Introducing the 737 MAX 9

Following on from 737 MAX 8 rollout and flight test, we are now rolling out the first new 737 MAX 9, right on schedule.

737 MAX 9 is the perfect answer to the need for growth while maintaining maximum airline profitability. As well as 16 more seats than the incredibly popular 737 MAX 8, it offers lower trips costs than the competition,  the lowest trip costs, which minimizes the risk airlines take on as they grow. And yet provides more than enough additional seats to deliver consistently higher profits through all market conditions.

What's more, 737 MAX 9 enables airlines to reach farther than almost every single-aisle route they operate today. It has the longest range in its sector without the investment in any auxiliary fuel tanks, and with one auxiliary tank, matches the versatility of the 737 MAX 8 with a range of 3,515 nautical miles.


737 MAX Family



Fuel Efficiency

Constantly Connected

Boeing Sky Interior

Creating a welcoming & more spacious feel for 737 MAX passengers is an easy win, with every airplane featuring the Boeing Sky Interior.

Longer Fuselage

The longer 8' 8" (2.6m) fuselage of the 737 MAX 9 allows for 16 more seats at very little additional cost. This is why the 737 MAX 9 is always more profitable than its competitor - it adds capacity for growth and has the lowest trip cost.

Mid Cabin Exit Door

The mid cabin exit door is perhaps the easiest way to recognize the 737 MAX 9. It’s there to enable safe, comfortable accommodation of higher passenger numbers, who will be paying the lowest fares. For the lowest-cost airlines, 737 MAX 9 can accommodate 220 passengers in a single-class configuration, with the door activated.

Auxiliary Tanks

With one auxiliary tank, the 737 MAX 9 matches the range of the 737 MAX 8 at 3,515 nmi (6,510 km), for completely flexible scheduling to accommodate periods of high demand.

LEAP-1B Engine

The LEAP-1B for the 737 MAX 9 is the most advanced engine for large single-aisle airplanes. As the 737 MAX 9 is lighter than its competitor, the engine needs less thrust and delivers lower fuel use, contributing to its lower trip costs.

MAX AT winglets

The 737 MAX 9 has the same MAX AT winglets as the 737 MAX 8.

Flight Deck displays

With an advanced head-up display, wider perspective and stronger situational awareness, the large 15-inch displays of the 737 MAX flight deck provides the capability to accommodate future operational advances, no matter where you fly.

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